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Vikingsholm and Emerald Bay

I giddy’d up this morning with granola + Maranatha Almond Butter on a toasted English Muffin… …off to Emerald Bay State Park for an early morning hike! I try to walk daily, but rarely work up a sweat. FYI – this trail is wide, and not outrageously steep. (That’s not our family being all adventurous.) We’re more “stand and stare”

Monday Review

Oh, hello Manic Monday. I’ve been running errands all morning + playing with Amy + Vivi, fueled by an apple and Jem’s Super Berry Almond Butter… …strangely pretty – like my nails. My gel manicure has grown out; I’ve given them a second life by applying a sparkly polish for a reverse french manicure look, til i’m ready to go