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Put a Peanut On It

recipe - vegetarian

Dry Roasted Peanuts were my Dad’s favorite snack, and I can see why – everything it touches turns to magic!

Sprinkled on PB&J Banana Oatmeal (above) and Egg White Fried Rice (below)…


…on top of these Blondies

PicMonkey Collage

…and in noodles!  These were the delectable Sapp Coffee Shop Jade Noodles seen in my most recent BuzzFeed Video.


Mark my words – peanuts are going to be the new egg!  Apologies to those with allergies, like my nephew Isaac.


Ma Dang Gook Soo

restaurant - vegan

One of the gems we found while filming Noodles Around the World was a spot in Koreatown called Ma Dang Gook Soo.


I found the place so charming, from all the women who worked there, to the friendly service and extra perks.


Barley tea, banchan…


…and of course, these incredible cold noodles in soy broth.


I don’t speak Korean, but I think I verified with the waitress that these are, indeed, vegan!  Also, they expanded as leftovers and lasted about 3 more meals.

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Ma Dang Gook So on Urbanspoon