Jersey Fried

August 9, 2014

Made it to Jersey! First stop – even before we reached my Mom’s – food! Skipped the usual dumplings at Petite Soo Chow and went for Beef Noodle Bowls… …with two sides of fish – one smoked… …and one fried. We spotted a lot more deep fried eats at The San Rocco Feast nearby, but […]

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Blue C Sushi

May 9, 2014

I’m at The Arclight several times a month – and have been thrilled to watch the culinary scene expand over the years. All my favorites are within walking distance – Veggie Grill, Stella Barra, Umami Burger, Shophouse – and now Blue C Sushi! We sat inside by the conveyer belt… …which gave us a lovely […]

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Noodling Around

March 28, 2014

All I have to say is: TGIFF. The extra “F” is for this: But on the same day Abe broke his pinky finger (jumping into a pool – yes, a swimming pool) we got a new fridge! For 8 years we’ve had one without shelves on the door; so much extra space now that we […]

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Super Ramen Bowl

February 2, 2014

Hello Sports Fans! I’m not into football, so this is the only bowl I’m gonna blog about today… …veggie ramen at Pingtung. We went with Jae and Randall; Sticky Rice with Sausage and Gyoza were also ordered… …in addition to their Vegetarian Flatbread. One final Super Bowl… …Peanut Butter Shaved Ice. TOUCHDOWN. P.S. If you’re […]

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All Hail Gail

February 1, 2014

Aunt Gail is here! We celebrated her birthday (and Lunar New Year) last night at Mark and Jen’s with some Japanese snacks… …noodles (Pad Thai with chicken/shrimp on the side)… …carrots roasted in honey/thyme… …and a lovely ginger/lime dressed salad. For dessert, pie! I had one frozen from our trip to Julian in the freezer […]

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