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Lunar Madness

My house has been cleaned, my Chinese New Year Posts are already up…sadly, I have nobody to slurp these Jade Noodles with today, but luckily I can celebrate virtually. Jenny Yang and Clarissa Wei made dumplings from scratch I Am A Food Blog added noodles to hers The Sensual Foodie wrote a love letter to Eddie Lin (<—a former podcast guest!)

Taiwanese Pantry Staples

I’ve been thinking of going to Taiwan (who wants to be our guide?)  – and look what dropped in my lap! Cathy Erway’s The Food of Taiwan releases March 24th; I was sent an advanced copy to get cooking.  Unfortunately, most of the recipes have meat in them, so I picked up a couple vegetarian pantry staples that she recommends from

Put a Peanut On It

Dry Roasted Peanuts were my Dad’s favorite snack, and I can see why – everything it touches turns to magic! Sprinkled on PB&J Banana Oatmeal (above) and Egg White Fried Rice (below)… …on top of these Blondies… …and in noodles!  These were the delectable Sapp Coffee Shop Jade Noodles seen in my most recent BuzzFeed Video. Mark my words – peanuts are going