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Gratitude with Attitude

daddy - eating disorders - sandwich

The food won’t stop! We’ve asked people to, but they won’t, despite our insistence. So we accept their generosity. We share. We give some away…


…and I make sure I keep listening to what MY body wants. An Apple and Diet Mountain Dew? That looks _____.

Well, that’s what I wanted for breakfast!


My cousins Hash and Hannah accompanied me to nearby Shangri-la for a late afternoon lunch/dinner – even with all the meals coming in, it feels good to get out of the hospital, to make my own decisions.


I know I don’t want this…


…but a turkey sandwich sounded good!


Toasted whole wheat with mayo and tomato and lettuce…


…plus a little avocado my Aunt brought!


Split with my mom…



…also tried some of the cookie Hannah bought at the deli…


…with more of the ones from Washington D.C. too:


After 12 days, we FINALLY felt relaxed enough tonight to leave my Dad in the ICU without someone waiting outside just in case. My mom and I both listened to our bodies and ate when we got hungry, around 9:30pm.


One of my aunts made us tofu and meatballs with cabbage – I enjoyed it with a toasted slice of my Godmother’s Mantou.



For dessert, the last piece of Choco Leibniz


…with a buncha grapes.


I’ve already addressed what I have to say about mean comments. But I just wanted to say this about nice ones – I really DO appreciate every single constructive one that comes through on ALL my various social media sites. Sometimes I say thanks, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I address it personally via email. But the decision to do so, or not, is mine. And since – uh, my father’s been in the hospital the last 12 days – I’m a little too tired – physically and emotionally – to even think straight when it comes to paying my credit card bill, let alone “like” a comment or @ reply someone on twitter.

Even if I wasn’t crazy dealing with the most horrific thing that has ever happened to me, it wouldn’t make me a bad person if I didn’t say “thank you” to every nice thing that was ever done for me. I know I appreciate them and try to pay it forward, not back. I know who I am. I know I am grateful.

I’m only a human being. Yesterday I felt like a superhero. Today I feel like I’ve been beat up. This is normal.

As I watch life/death being celebrated/mourned around me the last 2 weeks, I’ve learned a few things, the #1 being you must figure out what’s best for you NOW. And take care of yourself first. And not care about the future, or what others may think. Even your most loved ones.

Who taught me this? My Dad. Today, I marched straight into his ICU Room after reading yet another not-so-nice comment and focused on telling him some good news.

Screen Shot 2012-08-10 at 12.43.41 PM.png

I am the National Eating Disorder Association’s newest Ambassador. I remember looking at this site when I first was trying to get help, seeing that peeps like Paula Abdul and Jamie-Lynn Sigler were representing, and feeling inspired. I picked up the phone, and found the specialist who helped me through years of struggle.

And here I am today, surrounded by people telling me when and what to eat (eat, EAT!!!) during the most stressful time in my life. I used to be so anxious about a relapse, but not anymore. I am not getting angry or frustrated or upset or ungrateful. I am just listening to myself, and treating myself excellently, because I know who I am and what I need.

Now I will volunteer my time to give back to others struggling with eating disorders on a larger scale than I already do with Thick Dumpling Skin and this blog. And though the gifts and gratitudes I’ve received over the years are wonderful, they are never ever necessary or expected. I know you guys know why I do this; it’s not to be idolized or thanked.

I’ve watched my father be stronger than ever recently. He continually shows me anything is possible if you believe in your own inner strength. If someone calls you a “snob” or “selfish” or “asshole” or “bitch” or “fat” or “emaciated” or “stupid” or WHATEVER….even someone who is supposed to know/love you – remind yourself who YOU really are.

And if you’re still figuring out who that is, that’s okay too. We all are.



It’s Tasty

breakfast - daddy - lunch - take out - travel



…4 hours of sleep, 1/2 a Sesame Bagel from South Central Station with PB and Orange Marmalade…


…then we were back in the Columbia Presbyterian waiting room. (I posted some thoughts over at Thick Dumpling Skin today.)

Screen Shot 2012-08-06 at 8.02.46 AM.png

For the first time in a week, I left the building for lunch. It felt good to walk around NYC. I haven’t been back to this hood since seeing In the Heights.


My brother and I stopped into Tasty Deli, which was in full swing…


…ordered my Mom a tuna salad on whole wheat, and Morgan got “The Gunner” –


Skirt steak, Portabella, Grilled Onions, melted pepper jack and cheddar, on a garlic hero with russian dressing and jalisco sauce. You better believe I took a huge bite! Tasty, indeed…


…plus a sample of the complimentary potato salad…



…and the tuna part of my Mom’s order.



For myself, I just wanted something simple. My body has really been craving raw veggies after a long week of Chinese food!


I asked for grilled chicken and used about half the balsamic vinegar.


After lunch, I went in to visit my father – things are looking better and better :)

Now I can get a little sleep.

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Guest Blogger: Fritos and Froie Gras

guest blogger - restaurant

Hi, The Actor’s Diet Fans! I am Sarah from the blog Fritos and Foie Gras, which chronicles my eating and cooking adventures in NYC. When Lynn asked for guest posts, I thought that a piece on how to eat cheaply in NYC might be helpful to her readers. NYC is home to some pretty fantastic eateries, but let’s face it…the great food here can rack up some very hefty checks. However, if I’m one thing besides an inner fat kid, it’s a cheapskate, and I have assembled a few great tricks for eating on the cheap without resorting solely to dirty water dogs and dollar slices of pizza. If you follow a few simple rules, chances are that you can try the best of what Manhattan has to offer without breaking your budget.

Sandwich Planet

9th Avenue

This little enclave, seconds away from the horrific chain restaurants and neon assaults of Times Square, is a treasure trove of delicious and inexpensive restaurants. Thai, Italian, French, wine bars, and every other type of restaurant you can imagine sit side by side on a street that really is a neighborhood. Some of my favorites are:

Pam Real Thai – Pam is almost always in the kitchen, and she cooks with garlic and HEAT! The pad kee mao will burn your tongue until you cry, and I mean that in a good way. Cash only.
Sandwich Planet – on the south side of Port Authority, the neighborhood might seem run down, but the sandwiches are awesome. They are huge, made with artisinal meats and cheeses, and served on one of many choices of bread. Get a super thick milkshake to complete a gut busting meal.
Poseidon Bakery - this family owned bakery has been here since 1952, when the neighborhood looked more like West Side Story than Full House. It is the only bakery in America to hand make their own phyllo daily, and the honey drenched baklava is the best this side of Athens. Also get some of the spanikopita – so delicious you will swear it isn’t vegetarian.

Boulud Sud

Lunch like a Prince, Dinner Like a Pauper

You know that old saying “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper?” It really is helpful, and not just for your waistline. Many fancy restaurants offer awesome lunch deals, where you can sample Michelin starred chefs’ food for as little as $28. With such a filling lunch, you can grab some pizza for dinner and really call the day a fiscal and gustatory success. Some of my favorites are:

Perry Street – this restaurant, run by Jean Georges’ son Cedric, is on a quiet apartment building in the West Village and serves high end food for a steal. Get 3 courses for $32, choosing from dishes like Tasmanian Sea Trout Sashimi and Crispy Poached Eggs in Ginger Rice.
Boulud Sud – a 3 course meal by Daniel Boulud for under $30? Yes, it is possible, and his Mediterranean dishes are not only delicious but vegetarian and pescetarian friendly.
Del Posto – this Mario Batali restaurant recently raised the 3 course prix fixe to almost $40, but considering how much dinner costs, it is still a steal. The multiple amouse bouches, mignardises, and the chance to try luxurious ingredients like lobster in a prix fixe menu more than make up for the pricey lunch.

Yerba Buena

Day Drink

If you don’t drink, you are already in for a money-manageable trip, but if you, like me, like to indulge in the occasional cocktail, you will see that dinner drinks add up quickly. The way to get around this is to drink at happy hour or at brunch, where you can eat and drink (all you want) for often less than $25. Check out:

Yerba Buena – acclaimed chef Julian Medina’s delicious Latin American brunch includes one hour of endless sangria or mimosas. The huevos rancheros is one of the best versions in town.
Philip Marie – this West Village haunt is known for its filling breakfasts, raucous crowd, and potent Bloody Marys. Make a reservation and get the Eggs Benedict for a brunch that is sure to leave you full and tipsy!
BLT Fish Shack – not a brunch, but a happy hour, where oysters are $1 and drinks like the prosecco and blood orange flavored Shark Bite go for half price. Sit at the bar and indulge in some of the freshest drinks and seafood in town.

The Meatball Shop

Eat at The Original

So artisanal pizza is new, and sandwiches featuring figs are the latest. Big whoop. You wanna eat cheaply and authentically? Head to the oldies but goodies of NYC restaurants. Try:

Chock Full o’Nuts – this restaurant hails form the era of mad men, and the date nut and cream cheese sandwich barely costs more than it did then, but it’s still a savory/sweet delight.
Golden Unicorn – this Chinatown dim sum palace may get panned by some for being overcrowded, but the delicious siu mai, har gao, and char siu bao will win over anyone with tastebuds and a thin wallet. Just try spending more than $30 per person here…if you can do that, you can eat more than me, and that’s a FEAT!
The Meatball Shop – this place started the meatball craze with its delicious meataballs, sides like polenta, and decadent ice cream sandwiches. Enjoy an inexpensive meal here, and spend the wait time drinking some wine at the bar.

Katz's Deli

Know When to Splurge on the LES

You are on vacation, right? Try to save up enough for a night that isn’t crazy expensive, but will still fulfill you and make you feel like you had a night on the town. To do this:

Start at PDT – a swanky cocktail bar hidden inside a run down hot dog shop. Make reservations that day at 3 pm, order some of the James Beard Award nominated cocktails, and get a side of cheesy tator tots.  Then, go to Katz’s Deli – Pastrami king here – remember in When Harry Met Sally, when Meg Ryan had that fake orgasm? This is where she had it, and the pastrami is so great that you might have one, too.  Get it with a Doctor Brown’s Cream Soda, and thank me by sending me some.  Finish the night with ice cream at Il Laboratorio Del Gelato – simply the greatest stuff on earth. No, it’s not Snapple…it’s gelato.