Blue Apron Meals

June 8, 2014

I’ve heard a lot about Blue Apron Meals. Joy is a big fan, and was kind enough to gift me with a box. Three vegetarian-friendly meals arrived, packed on ice… …complete with step-by-step instructions. While the ingredients are all measured out, you still have to clean/prep them… …which does wind up taking a bit of […]

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Newmami Burger

March 27, 2014

Oh, Umami Burger – it’s been too long – far too long! There are some new things on the menu since our last visit in September, including a new vegetarian option – “The Sloppy Mami,” a vegetarian take on the Sloppy Joe with lentils, mushrooms, tomatoes, cream, cheddar, onion, and jalapeños. Delicious, and indeed MESSY. […]

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What’s New Pussycat

March 8, 2014

Things have been busy again. I want my fellow actors – those of you who are cuckoo with auditions and those of you are like “What’s a pilot season?” – to know that you’re not alone. I feel you. I get you. I’ve been on both sides (several times, in just the last month) and […]

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Sycamore Kitchen Food

January 22, 2014

I really love the Sycamore Kitchen pastries, but lately I’ve been going there to grab meals too. A few weeks ago – a long-overdue ladies lunch with Jully, Elaine, and Andrea. Sadly, this Turkey Chili was disappointing – more like lukewarm, bland tomato soup with a few chunks of meat and torn kale. FYI Lemonade […]

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Easy Breezy Brunch

December 26, 2013

On Christmas Eve, I stopped by Coriann’s for brunch. She put out such an elegant, effortless spread. Along with a bunch of dips, veggies, crackers, and cheese from Trader Joe’s, there was this lentil bruschetta – basically lentils cooked with a jar of bruschetta… …served on sliced french bread. Breakfast enchiladas – stuff the tortillas […]

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