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Real Food Daily Pasadena

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Six years ago, Carrie and I were both inspired to start our blogs on the very same day.  I haven’t seen my blogging twin (in person) since the 2010 FoodBuzz Festival!


We met up at Real Food Daily, a vegan restaurant Abe and I frequented when we first moved to LA (but not in the last six years, apparently, since I can’t find a single post about it).  This is their Pasadena location.


I ordered The Great Cardini – Tuscan Kale, Romaine, Chickpeas, Avocado, Red Quinoa, Roasted Yam Croutons, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Macadamia Parmesan, and Creamy Almond Shallot Dressing,

Super good and super filling!  Also sampled a bite of Carrie’s Mexico City Tacos.



Hoping it won’t be several more years before I revisit Carrie (or Real Food Daily) again.

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Plus Greens


When I’m trying to fit back into my pants, I never remove anything from my diet.  I only add vegetables.


Broccoli has taken center stage to this giant pot of stuffing I’ve been eating throughout the week – I actually found that making it from a mix without butter (just veggie stock) still satisfies my craving.


Instead of going out to eat, we’ve been ordering in more…

DSCN8108 …so I can add my own stuff!  These are Soon Tofu leftovers from BCD Tofu House

…I also bulked up a Bibimbap, Salad Style.  I even put an Oinkster Pastrami sandwich – caramelized onions, gruyere, and all – on a bed of steamed kale.  I know certain people would give me crap about this, which is precisely why I don’t do it in public.


Whenever I eat this way, it seems I naturally crave less sugar – Christy told me this is because my body is getting the vitamins/nutrients it needs and not searching for a quick fix.

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Savory Sqirl

bakeries/cafes/dessert places - breakfast

I finally got Abe and Julius to try Sqirl!  We can never go on the weekends, when it’s too crazy, so we took advantage of some vacation days.


Usually I go for something sweet there, but my podcast with Sandra Oh convinced me I needed to try something savory…


…the Brown Rice Pesto with a Poached Egg for me…


…plus several bites of Abe’s Brioche Toast…


…topped with Kale and a Fried Egg.

IMG_2308 IMG_2311 Oh man.  They do it all so well.  I wish I lived within walking distance!

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