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Fishing With Dynamite

Oops – sorry for those of you who subscribe to the blog via email and got this post twice – I hit publish by accident before writing anything!  I blame it on my busted brain, which is in NJ right now and still thinks it’s 4am. Fishing with Dynamite is another restaurant in Manhattan Beach by Chef David LeFevre, right next

Breakfast for Dinner at LaMill

I’ve been to LaMill Coffee several times for coffee/brunch/meetings… …I’ve never thought of it as a date night spot until they invited us in for dinner! Their brewed-to-order coffee was drank, even at 7pm… …in the form of a headache-busting “Black & Black” (Imperial Stout, Cold Brew, Sugar, Grapefruit Twist). More citrus in a salad – Baby Kale, Brussels Sprouts, and