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Green Smoothie Bowls

Leslie and I are starting a new thing – Breakfast and a Movie. Our inaugural event was held in honor of the late Amanda Peterson, star of one of our favorite 80’s films, Can’t Buy Me Love. To represent the wine that gets spilled all over Cindy’s suede outfit (and the milkshake she later dumps on Brent’s head)… …I decided

Chop Daddy’s

Remember when I visited Pork Belly’s on Abbot Kinney two years ago?  The BBQ-centric shop has since changed its name to Chop Daddy’s, and expanded to a larger space in Culver City… …with plenty of seating… …and 80’s Nostalgia. Def Leppard was playing when I sat down, and as I looked over at Doc Brown’s face… …I felt like I