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Julius Turns 11

Happy birthday to Julius – who has been my baby since 2004… …and has grown into my favorite helper… …companion… …and photo subject.  Watching him turn into a senior hasn’t been easy, and this past year, it got scary too… …but every single moment with him – each and every one – has been special.  I didn’t grow up with a

The Honest Kitchen

You can be honest. This looks like dog food, doesn’t it? That’s because it is!!!  For the last few months Julius has gotten really picky about his kibble.  My friend Emily suggested slowly switching over to wet… …the brand she recommended was The Honest Kitchen – which is dehydrated, human-grade pet food.  These packets seem much more manageable than cans. You

Ebony and Ivory

There’s a cat in our hood who looks like Michael Jackson… …her actual name is “Kitty” and she’s a star.  Usually Julius ignores her… …but for some reason he got very interested the other day. Their band photo: