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Beauty and the Bees

July 19, 2014

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I attended a little lady date (with Sara, Leah, Natalie, Christine, Joanne, Ann) organized by Nastassia… …at Honeymee in Koreatown.  As you can see, there’s pure honeycomb involved… …which may have been why we had to move our location a few times – LIVE BEES WERE ATTACKING US! I stuck to a plain flavor… […]

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Summertime Jacket

June 25, 2014
photo 1

This is the jacket I’ve been wearing for the summer, and it’s on sale right now at Shopbop… …everytime I put it on I sing the Lana del Rey song.  Summers nights in Los Angeles are cool (but I still wear short sleeves) so this is the perfect weight/material when I want to grab ice […]

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Department of Sweet Diversions

June 18, 2014

I’ve been dying for some fancy jam to make my own fancy toast at home – so of course I was intrigued by Department of Sweet Diversions… …they make small batches from local farmers market fruit, with interesting additions like Grand Marnier, Acacia Honey, Ginger, and Dark French Chocolate. I’ve been swirling this Strawberry (which […]

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Pistachio Ice Cream

June 15, 2014

I want to talk about my Dad’s favorite ice cream flavor: Pistachio.  It’s what he ordered during our childhood trips to Friendly’s; I would be fascinated by its Statue of Liberty hue, and eagerly take a bite. Gag. My go-to order would always be Mint Chocolate Chip (pictured above, with a little Butter Pecan).  It wasn’t until this morning […]

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Flores and The Ladies Gunboat Society

June 14, 2014

I’m already one of The Hart and The Hunter’s biggest fans, so of course I had to see the team’s newest project – The Ladies Gunboat Society at Flores. We didn’t sit outside, but maybe next time we’ll bring Julius and do just that. Settled into a cozy booth indoors… …and ordered several things, with […]

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