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Parks and Recreation

I haven’t been back to Van Saun Park since I was 10… but I certainly don’t remember there being marsupials! Snakes… …on a train! I’m kinda obsessed with NJ Italian Food since we finished The Sopranos last year, so I was pumped for takeout from In Napoli (<—check out who’s eaten there)… …takeout for my nieces and nephews, but everything was still

Trois Mec

A very special dining experience last night…. …no no no, not pizza, people – Trois Mec! Housed inside an old Rafallo’s, inside a strip mall on Highland. I’ve never experienced Ludo Lefebvre’s food before – getting tickets isn’t easy so this never would’ve happened without Melanie! She treated us to their prix fixe meal (which changes seasonally) plus wine pairings


Abe and I are already big fans of House of An – we loved our lunch at Crustacean and were excited when they invited us to try Tiato’s new Summer Sunday Brunch. Located inside the MTV/Lionsgate building, there’s a market section to grab lunch on the go… …and a beautiful restaurant for more formal dining. We sat outside (on the