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Tatsu Ramen

It’s been kinda cold in Los Angeles lately! Abe and I were going to grab lunch at M Cafe, then made a detour when we saw Tatsu Ramen next door. The first thing you notice are the handmade noodles, the second are the iPads that you order from. Once you’re done customizing your bowl, show your receipt to the waitstaff, and

Binge Watch/Mindfully Munch: Transparent

As a former Binge Eater, Binge Watching TV has been a terrific way to scratch my addictive itch. I’ve already blogged about Breaking Bad and The Sopranos in the past, now I’ll be sharing some more recent shows I’ve been hooked on, and the snacks you’ll want to have on hand. Transparent is an Amazon Prime series created and directed

Parks and Recreation

I haven’t been back to Van Saun Park since I was 10… but I certainly don’t remember there being marsupials! Snakes… …on a train! I’m kinda obsessed with NJ Italian Food since we finished The Sopranos last year, so I was pumped for takeout from In Napoli (<—check out who’s eaten there)… …takeout for my nieces and nephews, but everything was still