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Go Greek

I’m such a sucker for FroYo. Go Greek specializes in just that.  There’s one section with regular yogurt, and one that’s frozen/DIY.  Not your typical toppings!  Stuff is fresher, more “exotic.”  This is Beverly Hills, after all. I tried chocolate, which isn’t tart. They’ve got a cute bench in the window – but I prefer walking and froyo-ing.

Manhattan Beach Creamery

Excuse me, how is it already Thursday?!?  If you follow my personal accounts on Instagram/Twitter you’ll see I’ve been pretty busy with work, and am still catching up from Labor Day Weekend – part of which was spent in Manhattan Beach. Julius joined us for the trip… …really wanted MB Post, but we went to Manhattan Beach Creamery so they

What I’m Really Eating

So. The blog’s Instagram is blowing up with #foodporn.  I hate that word, but that’s what it is – just to look/drool.  It’s 5 years of photos shoved into a feed.  My pants are a bit tight lately, so here’s what I’ve ACTUALLY been eating – melons (duh), lots of Quest Bars (Taryn gave me a box – they’re not bad, actually),