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The freezer is my friend. With a bonkers schedule like yesterday (when I had no time to go to the supermarket and zero desire to eat out/get delivery) I just pulled some veggies out of their cold slumber and let the oven do the work.


Brussels sprouts + butternut squash. Don’t even let it thaw. Just spray and season.


400 degrees, 50 minutes. Turn once, halfway. During the last ten – one of my all-time favorite Trader Joe’s products got thrown onto the sheet.


Bowl of yummy randomness…


…with a last-minute “sauce”


Dinner. Done.


There will be many more days like this – just found out I booked something that shoots soon!!! Can’t share the details on that yet, but I’m very excited…


…and am seriously buried in work!

More freezer munchies to aid memorization…


…I didn’t realize we still had these Holiday Pretzel Crisps til I cleared that bag of brussels


Reader Marije just tried these grapes for the first time and loved them – I have to say I prefer most of my fruits frozen now, especially with a hot cup of cocoa…


…I even like one of my post-meal candies chilled (Riesen lasts longer that way!)


Did you know there’s a fridge that’s mostly freezer? It’s called “The Freezerator!”


Perhaps it will be mine…ours has been making some really scary noises lately…

Green Chick

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Have you ever eaten green garbanzo beans?

I spotted them at Whole Foods in the freezer section. Added half a bag to a whole package of frozen kale, and ding donged til cooked through.

Green on Green

(Wafu dressings are so good!)

Bread Crumbs Shower

The garbanzos don’t taste like regular chickpeas – almost edamame-esque?

I followed my bowl of greens with a megawatt dessert plate

For some reason I despise licorice (cherry and black) but am nuts about strawberry. Twizzlers are da bomb.

Speaking of sweets….

There have been some amazing New Orleans features on The Food Network lately!

Just 83 Days til X-mas….

Sadly it will be too cold for Snowballs when I’m there…

…but this will be mine…

…oh yes, it will be mine.

L’Shanah Tovah

dessert - dinner - vegetarian

No Rosh Hashanah celebration dinner last night. But I did incorporate some apples and honey into the meal.


During the day, I pressed a package of thawed leafy greens from Whole Foods


Sauteed in Coconut Oil with Crushed Garlic, Ginger, and the juice of a lemon


There’s the apple…


…and there’s the honey


No Challah, but we had leftover corn muffins from The Farm in the freezer


Toasted and crumbled on top



Dessert was inspired by the holiday too – a chocolate covered coconut macaroon with nuts (okay, fine, it was an Almond Joy)…


…and a little piece of vegan blintz


Cold peaches + hot cocoa to ring in the sweet new year


If you celebrated, what was on the menu?

There’s a lovely little review of “Surrogate Valentine” in The Village Voice – we have our NYC theatrical release for one week at the ReRun Gastropub Theater in Brooklyn starting tomorrow!!!


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