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What’s New Pussycat

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Meet the newest member of my family – a brand new Gold iPhone! I had to stop naming them after Simpsons Characters (and Harry Potter ones) – especially after I got this tweet.

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Do you wanna know what’s new at Trader Joe’s that has changed my life?  FROZEN FIGS!!! I let them thaw a little (or ding dong them for 30 seconds if I’m impatient) and eat ‘em whole.


Another recent obsession – Joan’s on Third’s Butternut Squash, Curried Chickpeas, and Kale Salad. I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner….maybe dessert.


Speaking of fabulous food – the Disneyland video is now up on BuzzFeed! The corn dog, fried pickles, and Monte Cristo sandwich were my favorite.

Other projects of mine coming out around now – Teacher in a Box (aka FutureStates), the Print Shoot from November – and if you get HBO, please tune in this Sunday! (Follow along on Facebook/Twitter for acting-related updates.)

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I’m not in Fresh off the Boat (Randall’s show) but the trailer was just released!  I auditioned for the pilot a couple times and think Constance Wu  nailed it.  So excited for this show to be on ABC.


Thunderbird Energetica

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Kaila over at Healthy Helper held a Thunderbird Energetica giveaway that I won!  I plan on wearing the T-shirt to Physical Therapy tonight (re: my back – I have a disc issue that should hopefully heal itself over the next month).


Along with half a melon, I ate two bars today – Cashew Fig Carrot



…and Hyper Hawaiian Crunch.


Abe wasn’t impressed when he sampled the latter – probably because it was right after he ate a Molten Coconut Cookie. I thought it tasted pretty good – though I definitely preferred the first flavor.


Thanks, Kaila! She’s a podcast listener so I’m appreciative of that support, as well – just recorded the latest episode with Jeremy Howard, which you can hear now if you’re a subscriber on iTunes/Stitcher.