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Ai See You

Been waiting all month for this!!! Just having lunch with Angela Ai was stirring for me; 5 hours in her workshop = transformational. Started off the day with the usual melon, then packed a couple energy bars to nibble on during breaks. I wound up snacking on the Chocolate Chip Clif Bar – there was a lot of movement involved! Angela just finished four

Appetite for Destruction

After my shrink appointment yesterday I swung by I Heart Nails, where Melanie was. Noshed on this Cinnamon Apple Crisp Alt bar… …which spoiled my appetite for a post-mani/pedi trip to Joan’s on Third. I’ve actually eaten a lot of to-go foods from this LA Institution, but haven’t been to the actual store/bakery/restaurant in a while. Will have to do


The true sign of summer in Los Angeles… …blooming Jacaranda trees, whose flowers fall everywhere. I mean everywhere. My tires popped over them as I drove to meet Hourie for coffee at Intelligentsia this morning… …nothing for me – I wound up wolfing down a Banana Nut Bread Clif Bar in the car… …really not pretty. But it tasted rather