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Wexler’s Deli

My voice isn’t back 100% yet but I’ve got a few acting jobs coming up so I’m staying silent… …and letting Abe’s photos do most of the talking. We met up with Mark, Jen, Franny, and Finn at Grand Central Market for Father’s Day Brunch. Knocked Wexler’s Deli off my bucket list! Lox with cream cheese, tomato, and cucumber for

Recipe: Red Deviled Hummus Eggs

Happy National Hummus Day AND Red Nose Day! Lets eat some Sabra in pretty red (okay pink) eggs to celebrate. First, dye six hard-boiled eggs overnight in Beet Pickling Juice. Admire their beauty… …then, let them undress. With the yolks, combine 3 heaping Tablespoons of Roasted Pine Nut Hummus (<—the container we had open), a hefty pinch of salt, and a