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Art’s Deli

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Randall/Jae/Ruby do, too, and they treated me to a late birthday brunch on Sunday. I did not go for a sandwich that afternoon, opting for my typical omelet order instead… …but Jae did. Over at the boys’ end of the table… …more eggs, and Abe’s Vegetarian Reuben and fries – both of which I stole bites

The Pie Hole

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Pie Hole post – definitely one of my favorite places in LA. Apparently, the coffee is great… …but the pie is where it’s at! Full disclosure – I did not eat a single bite of any of these (I had just hoovered a giant raisin bran muffin and wanted to be hungry

Recipe: The Best Bacon and Eggs Ever

The best?  YES, the best.  After eating this bacon… …and these eggs at Project Breakfast LA, I had to know HOW. Sarah was kind enough to share!  First, the bacon: Source the best quality bacon you can find. (This was Peads and Barnetts Heritage Pork Bacon.) Melt down the Maple + Black Pepper Caramels from Quin Candy in a small pot