Profanity Pop

August 17, 2014

Y’all know I’m a Disney freak, so of course I wanted to see La Luz de Jesus Gallery’s Current Exhibit… …Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ “Profanity Pop.” Featuring all my favorites – including the subject of an upcoming interview. The Wacko/Soap Plant Store is fun enough to look at itself – we spent an hour wandering and […]

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Disneyland Video for BuzzFeed

May 10, 2014

As an actor… …who blogs about food… …and is madly in love with Disneyland… …Friday was the best day of my life!!! Abe and I shot the sequel to our BuzzFeed video above… …all about the food at our favorite theme park! Once we wrapped (I was eating from 11am – 3pm) we stopped by […]

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Where’s Walt?

March 25, 2014

Every third Sunday of the month, Walt Disney’s Barn in Griffith Park is open to the public. Apparently March is too confusing for me; we showed up a week late. Still, we got a chance to see some cool trains, and ride the Carousel. Thank God we’re over 18 + didn’t have to wear seat […]

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Christmas in LA

December 25, 2013

My first Xmas ever waking up with Julius! Ate cookies… …and opened gifts. I got some great ones from Abe… …and Disney too – a screening of Saving Mr. Banks at the studio, in the same theater where they shot part of the film.  The only thing that could’ve topped that was another trip to […]

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Happiest Hump Day on Earth

November 20, 2013

Abe and I have been meaning to make a video at Disneyland for a while, but we’ve both been too busy to drive all the way to Anaheim and shoot it. TODAY WAS OUR LUCKY DAY!!! You’ll be able to see all our secret Disney adventures once he edits/uploads it… …in the meantime, I can […]

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