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Disneyland Holiday Video for BuzzFeed

Remember when I showed you the secrets of Disneyland… …and all the best food there? This time I came back, after the park closed… …to watch them put up the tree! Here’s some additional footage that didn’t make it into the video. More Disney posts <—click!

Profanity Pop

Y’all know I’m a Disney freak, so of course I wanted to see La Luz de Jesus Gallery’s Current Exhibit… …Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros’ “Profanity Pop.” Featuring all my favorites – including the subject of an upcoming interview. The Wacko/Soap Plant Store is fun enough to look at itself – we spent an hour wandering and catching up with Quan and

What’s New Pussycat

Meet the newest member of my family – a brand new Gold iPhone! I had to stop naming them after Simpsons Characters (and Harry Potter ones) – especially after I got this tweet. Do you wanna know what’s new at Trader Joe’s that has changed my life?  FROZEN FIGS!!! I let them thaw a little (or ding dong them for