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Stuff to See in CZ

Another day, another drive, another rest stop… …another opportunity to see stuff you don’t see in the States. (I thought this was Tom Cruise at first.) Then, we arrived at Mitril… …with more things to look at. Walked across the street to this cute cafe, and were served homemade vegan food. This was a barley, onion, carrot and tofu dish.

Band, Bed, Brunch

Last night at U Tri Pirek was kinda crazy…there were 3 bands, an early curfew…. IMG_5407 …a teeny tiny room to store everything in… IMG_5409 …a lot of time to kill… IMG_5410 …and a weird place to sleep. IMG_5412 But Justin and I are back this morning, waiting for the rest of the crew (that slept in a different house, which had a cat). The same place where we were rockin out is now where we’re having brunch. DSCN6163 We shared risotto… DSCN6157 …and a salad that had avocado, oranges, tortilla chips, and onion, and parmesan cheese. DSCN6160 It was pretty good, actually. DSCN6164 3 hour drive to our next tour stop, Olomouc …I think?