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Semi Kolin

How cute is Kolin??? I walked around the square a little, but there wasn’t much open. We’re playing here tonight… …no food from the restaurant; they brought dinner from home. Couscous with tomato (fresh and sun dried), chickpeas, and a teeny bit of greenage… …bread… …and cottage cheese with apple chips. Stuffed 1/2 a roll with the latter… …this actually

And the Band Slept On

Despite the fact that I was only drinking hot water… IMG_5381 …I was still one of the last ones to sleep, and the very first to rise! IMG_5385 Check out what’s (currently) the #1 Web Series on Ranker – our little Nice Girls Crew !!!

Gee, Officer Krupky

Goodbye, Usti nad Labem! We spent the day driving to our next stop on the Edie Sedgwick tour… …I ate this bag of Krupky at a rest stop for brunch. It’s the Czech version of Erdnuss Flips! We arrived while it was snowing in Hradec Kralove… …and our lovely hosts cooked a delicious vegan version of a dish that sounded