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Caffe Concerto

Some time ago, Abe and I had a coffee/tea date with Phil and Joanna at Caffe Concerto in Koreatown… …I wasn’t planning to blog about it, but everything was so photo-worthy! Look at the iced tea (above) and the little candle that comes with the hot option (below)! Plus, the sophisticated sipper. They’ve got munchies too – similar to the Bottega Louie

Peanut Butter Cookies with Coconut Bacon and Chocolate Truffles

There’s a reason Joy the Baker is called Joy the Baker.  She’s a baker.  And she has very specific recipes.  That you are supposed to follow. Joy recently published these Peanut Butter Bacon and Dark Chocolate Cookies.  But I substituted Coconut Bacon so my vegetarian could eat them, and Dark Chocolate Truffles (because that’s the only chocolate we had in the

Double Tahini Sandwich Cookies

I first met Alana at LA Cake Club – her blog is full of incredible, homemade treats, and I was thrilled when she brought some to our Peanut Butter date to share! These are actually filled with another type of spread – Tahini!  How brilliant is she… …I had two auditions in hot weather, so they smooshed/melted a bit in