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Double Tahini Sandwich Cookies

I first met Alana at LA Cake Club – her blog is full of incredible, homemade treats, and I was thrilled when she brought some to our Peanut Butter date to share! These are actually filled with another type of spread – Tahini!  How brilliant is she… …I had two auditions in hot weather, so they smooshed/melted a bit in

Kye’s Montana

Jeanne Cheng’s son, Kye, is the inspiration behind her first restaurant – a place where people of all ages (and dietary restrictions) can come together to eat delicious, gluten-free food that makes you feel great. There’s plenty of meat options (<—check out my friend Mike’s blog post), but I came with one of my favorite vegans, Leslie, and we were treated

Love is in the Air

Happy February 14th! Cupid’s been farting around everywhere!  When I pick up Abe’s flat white at Coffee + Food… …and on my TV – oh HEY there’s the woman I text whenever I have a baking emergency on The Today Show.  NO BIGGIE.  (Christina and I go way back to when Foodbuzz “set us up” on a blind blogger gift