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Simpang Asia

Other than narrating Crazy Rich Asians and interviewing Melanie, I’ve had very little firsthand experience with Indonesian food. The last time I ate any was six years ago at Indo Cafe, which has since closed.  But across the street sprouted Simpang Asia, where Abe, Amy and I were treated to dinner. An Es Cendol to start – Coconut Milk Palm Sugar

Oatmeal du Jour: Maple Pecan Ice Cream

Stop giving me that look… …because if you have never put ice cream in your oatmeal… …you’re missing out on 1. A thermal/textural mouth adventure 2. An easy way to sweeten/richen your boring oatmeal 3. An excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast. The ice cream, by the way is NadaMoo, a vegan company based out of Austin that Leslie introduced