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Oatmeal du Jour: Maple Pecan Ice Cream

Stop giving me that look… …because if you have never put ice cream in your oatmeal… …you’re missing out on 1. A thermal/textural mouth adventure 2. An easy way to sweeten/richen your boring oatmeal 3. An excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast. The ice cream, by the way is NadaMoo, a vegan company based out of Austin that Leslie introduced

9 on Vine

9 on Vine, named for its nine owners, recently took over the M Bar space in Hollywood. ย We were invited in to check out the space,ย just south of the Arclight – and Abe’s BuzzFeed office! At night they have everything from bands to comedians to DJ’s; we came at 5pm… …for Happy Hour! I brought some alcohol-lovers. Drinking buddies 🍻