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Deluca Trattoria


My only relationship to El Segundo is the Tribe Called Quest song; this past weekend, we drove an hour to the charming little beach city, for a hosted dinner at Deluca Trattoria


…I’ll be shooting a very body-conscious project for the next few months (<—sorry, can’t say what!) and brought some extra stomachs to help check out their newly-launched menu.


Phil, Joanna, and Abe enjoyed wine…


…fresh bread with spiced olive oil…


…and a couple appetizers.  Baked Mozzarella Meatballs…


…Acorn Squash Croquettes, with Taharti Cheese + Garlic-Avocado Aioli…


…and Bruschetta.


Next up, the trio dug into a veggie pizza…



…followed by several pastas – Alla Checca (Tomato, Garlic, Basil, Mozzarella) with linguine…


…Alla Carbonara (Bacon, Egg Yolks, Pecorino/Parm)  with Penne…


…and Alla Arrabbiata (Spicy Garlic Pomarola Sauce) with Spaghetti. (The vegetarian ones got the best reviews; Abe said his leftovers were even better.)


The kitchen was very accommodating to my diet and grilled a delicious, simple piece of salmon…


…with steamed veggies…

…and two types of dipping sauces – Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes + Pomarola with Artichokes.


Finally, the desserts – Berry Creme Brûlée…

DSCN8392…Tiramisu with Marscarpone Gelato…

…Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Gelato…


…and Triple Chocolate Mousse.


I didn’t touch the other sweets at the restaurant, but I devoured these leftovers as an afternoon snack.

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MLK and Cookies

dessert - holidays

I told Abe yesterday that I wanted to do a MLK and Cookies post in honor of Dr. King.  We realized almost every cookie we could think of could potentially be viewed as offensive – except maybe the Black & White Cookie – but since I don’t live in NYC anymore I didn’t know where to buy one (my friend Andie – ahem, recent NYT Bestselling Author – has a recipe on her blog, though).

Anyhoo….these are not cookies.  This is a leftover triple chocolate (white, dark, bittersweet) dessert from dinner at Deluca Trattoria (<—post to come).


I use this photo as an excuse to talk about race.  For the most part, I steer clear of anything political.  I just want to be liked.  Being married to someone who works at a viral hit factory, I know people don’t “like” this subject.

But they love sweets and exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, now that I have your attention I must admit I don’t even know what to say.

Currently, I feel like our world is embedded in race talk, and there is a general feeling of sadness/anger/resentment in the discussions around me.  I feel it too.  But I also feel a lot of gratitude, especially as a person “of color.”  So all I can do today is just acknowledge it – all of it, the good/the bad – and thank MLK for leaving this world a much better place.

If you’re wondering what to do today (other than eat Black and White Cookies) I recommend volunteering (I’m heading off to Big Sunday soon), Selma (it’s incredible) or just pushing past what may be uncomfortable and talking about equality from your heart.


Podcasts and Pastries

dessert - podcast

I’ve been doing podcast interviews lately, since my next few months are going to be a little crazy with acting work.  There are some really good ones lined up, like Roy Choi


….YES, THE ROY CHOI.  He came over with sweets from Pot Cafe – a Nutella-Stuffed Bun and Candy Bar…


…I was also baked up some goodies from another guest, my favorite yogi, Anna Gilbert Zupon!


IMG_2836 Gotta get this recipe.


I know everyone’s into Serial, but if you haven’t subscribed to my podcast yet, now’s the time!  The next two are gonna be spectacular!

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