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DIY Nutrition Bars

One of my Mother’s Day gift recommendations this past year was DIY Nutrition Bars.  I think it’s such a neat (yes, I just used that word) idea to customize a snack.  Since I hadn’t tried their products for a while, YouBar offered some ready-made options so I could see what I would choose the next time I’m ready to place

The ABC’s of Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!  Whether you like them thick, chewy, thin, crispy – these babies are iconic and unlike some other food holidays (Crab Stuffed Flounder, I’m looking at you), worthy of celebration. The beauties above are by photographer/baker Lauren, who you may remember as my dessert-making guru. Also, a shoutout to this New York Times recipe, which Eboni made for

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I have one mother (my in-law, Wendy) who doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day, and another (my actual mom) who keeps track of her calendar according to what falls before/after the second Sunday of May.  And since I’m not a mother myself, I am sorta in the middle when it comes to this holiday. I bought the Azalea Bonsai Tree above for my