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The Chinese Breakfast Club

After the BuzzFeed Sandwiches Around the World Video… …where I sampled some Shao Bing Yo Tiao at Huge Tree Pastry… (sans proper hot soy milk for dipping) …I had a major craving for more Chinese Breakfast.  Gathered a group of 9 friends for dim sum at Sea Harbour. I’ve blogged about the experience here before and didn’t bother taking too many

Super Ramen Bowl

Hello Sports Fans! I’m not into football, so this is the only bowl I’m gonna blog about today… …veggie ramen at Pingtung. We went with Jae and Randall; Sticky Rice with Sausage and Gyoza were also ordered… …in addition to their Vegetarian Flatbread. One final Super Bowl… …Peanut Butter Shaved Ice. TOUCHDOWN. P.S. If you’re looking for last-minute Superbowl ideas

Year of the Horse

Happy Lunar New Year! Here’s some of my favorite Chinese foods to eat to celebrate – whole fish… …Lion’s Head Meatballs… …Dumplings… …noodles… …and sweets. (Duh.) If you’re in the LA area, I recommend going out to the San Gabriel Valley (<—click for restaurant suggestions) but if you can’t make it out that far (I certainly can’t) try Bao Dim