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Sugar Tooth Fairy

Now that I’m on this diet, I haven’t really eaten a cookie/cake/pastry/chocolate/etc. in 1.5 months, and I’m no longer craving sweets.  I’m having an identity crisis. I mean, I’m the sugar monster.  I never pass up a piece of anything dotted in frosting.  I know more bakers than artists at the Grammy Awards <—who WERE those people?!? I do miss

18 Hours in San Francisco

A little airport snafu severely delayed Abe’s work trip to San Francisco last weekend.  So I found myself picking him up at Burbank, and hitting the road north! People gave wonderful food suggestions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (I compiled a list at the bottom of this post).  We wound up arriving a little too late, a little too tired

Spoonfed at Son of a Gun

You know those little spoons that appear at the bottom of my restaurant recaps?  I’ve done that almost 600 times, which is probably why Urbanspoon asked me and a few other users to lunch at Son of the Gun. Already eaten here before but this time I got a chance to chat with their CEO Keela Robison, while munching on Chips with Pimento