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Say Chao!

Abe eats a lot of veggie dogs; his favorite brand is Field Roast.  I recently heard from the Veggie Grill Peeps they make a cheese too… ….made from Potato Starch and Tofu.  Here’s the story from their website: Chao tofu is a fermented soybean curd popular throughout Asia. Essentially it’s the traditional “cheese” of Asia…Chao Cheese is a continuation of

Dunkin Donuts LA

Abe and I are both from the East Coast, and it wasn’t until we moved West that we appreciated our beloved Dunkin Donuts. Now, they’re open in LA – there’s one in Encino, but we went to the one in Santa Monica (Abe was actually there opening day, when the lines were madness, directing this BuzzFeed video) a few doors down