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Love is in the Air

Happy February 14th! Cupid’s been farting around everywhere!  When I pick up Abe’s flat white at Coffee + Food… …and on my TV – oh HEY there’s the woman I text whenever I have a baking emergency on The Today Show.  NO BIGGIE.  (Christina and I go way back to when Foodbuzz “set us up” on a blind blogger gift

Olson’s Scandinavian Delicatessen

Our BuzzFeed sandwich adventure has been getting some great press online! The shoot brought us to some new places; one gem I couldn’t wait to share is Olson’s Scandinavian Delicatessen. The shop has been around since 1948 but Christian Kneedler took over and gave it an update. I fell in love with the shop, the space… …THE CANDY! Must admit, I did

Trick or Treat

I’ve never loved trick-or-treating.  There, I said it! I don’t want to walk in the cold.   I don’t want my neighbors to know what my pillowcases look like.  BUT I WANT CANDY.  And I definitely want a glimpse into other people’s homes. I haven’t gone since the 80’s; I thought I’d try again, virtually.  I knocked on the doors of some