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Ice Cream Lab

dessert - vegan

I almost failed chemistry, so I can’t really explain how this works…


…but Ice Cream Lab creates made-to-order scoops using locally sourced, fresh ingredients…


…using magic (aka Liquid Nitrogen).

IMG_0427I was invited in to sample a bunch of flavors – this isn’t Blue Crystal Meth, but Blue Velvet (with Magnolia Cupcakes)…
IMG_0433 …Banilla (also Magnolia-esque), Salt Lick Crunch (pretzels, caramel, sea salt)…

…Vegan Chocolate (coconut base)…


…and their seasonal sorbet – this was Strawberry.  Both non-dairy options are sweetened with Agave.


Ice Cream Lab opens its second location in Pasadena next week.  Stop by the Grand Opening on Wednesday, October 29th – for free ice cream, giveaways, and more.


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Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

baking - dessert

Here’s the cake I brought to the last Los Angeles Cake Club – a Brown Sugar Bundt Cake.  I made Bake or Break’s recipe, and it turned out lovely – not too sweet.  The only ingredient substitution I used was Almond Milk.


Learned a little trick from Ina Garten – if you tuck a few sheets of parchment paper under the cake, you can pull them out after the cake’s been glazed…


…though that still doesn’t solve the “bundt hole pooling” problem I always seem to have.  If anyone has suggestions/tips/tricks, I’d love them.  I’m hoping it doesn’t involve glazing it on a wire rack, because I don’t want to have to clean a wire rack.


P.S. I’m also curious as to who else is as obsessed with Ina’s husband Jeffrey as I am.