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What’s New Pussycat

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Happy Hanukkah!


I’m not going to lie.  My favorite thing to do these days is play Angry Birds while watching Oprah.


Hollywood’s been shutting down and I’m on vacay mode.  Been going to a lot of parties, eating a lot of sugar…


…and when I’m not stuffing my belly with cake, I’m eating melons, salad, soup and oatmeal.


Actually, when I have control over what’s on the menu, that’s all I really crave…

DSCN7806…even at a place like Tam O’Shanter’s, where they had Xmas Goose on the menu!


I couldn’t say no to Trifle and Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert, though.  Phenomenal.

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Helenna’s book came out!  I read an advanced copy and highly recommend it to anyone navigating the entertainment industry…


…though there is no guide in the world to address the absolute madness happening with my friend Randall right now.  My mouth is constantly agape these days.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.53.14 PM

P.S. We saw the Angela Lansbury play, also on the LA Times cover.  Super fun!


B&K Sugar Arts Lab

bakeries/cafes/dessert places

On the quieter side of Robertson Boulevard lies B&K Sugar Arts Lab


…where the sweetest concoctions come to life!


The kitchen is shared by three women-run businesses – Mollie B’s Cookies (and cakes and pies and brownies)…


Dept. of Sweet Diversions Jam…


…and Bohnhoff & Kent.


The latter Lady Gaga is a fan of, known for their chocolate-covered, cake-filled handbags

DSCN7559 DSCN7562

…almost too pretty too eat!


I didn’t devour any of the purse, but I did take home a few samples…

…their online stores are full of holiday goodies – check them out at Unique LA and online.


What’s New Pussycat


My back is doing a lot better this round – I’ve been going to a chiropractor and seem to be healing faster.  But, lesson learned: I have to start doing my darn sit-ups again.  *sigh*


I’m eating Poke Cake while icing my muscles.  It freezes beautifully so it’ll last forever. Kinda like Billy Joel.  And kinda like this New Yorker article which took days to read but I loved every moment of it.


(Summer Highland Falls is one of my all-time favorite songs.)

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Saving Face Reunion!  I loved meeting readers in person – sorry we all got chased out before I could say hello to everyone.  We missed having Joan with us; I actually wrote a guest blog for her that same day.  Also, Michelle wrote a post so touching it made me cry on her site.  Who knew we’d all be blogging a decade ago?!?


Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A too.

And speaking of 10th Anniversaries, H.P. Mendoza made this awesome video for his song “In Ten Years.”  If you grew up on Garbage Pail Kids, playing Sierra Games (like me), you’ll be really excited to watch it.