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Chinese New Year Celebrations (and Cake)

The other day, I received this tweet: Sincerely hope that @MsLynnChen is going to do a Chinese New Year post for @actorsdiet.. I need some inspiration for my party.. — amilum (@amilum) January 17, 2015 Ami, I’m so glad you requested this – it made me realize that in the last 6 years, I’ve been SERIOUSLY LACKING in Chinese New

Podcasts and Pastries

I’ve been doing podcast interviews lately, since my next few months are going to be a little crazy with acting work.  There are some really good ones lined up, like Roy Choi… ….YES, THE ROY CHOI.  He came over with sweets from Pot Cafe – a Nutella-Stuffed Bun and Candy Bar… …I was also baked up some goodies from another guest, my favorite

A Rose and a Cake for Mom

I did not bake this cake – the photo and recipe are by my friend Adrianna, which came up after frantically googling “rose cake” this morning. You see, it’s my mother’s birthday.  Don’t ask which one, because she never told me her age.  In fact, I’m not even positive it’s her birthday because she liked to go by the Chinese Calendar.  But one