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Pono Burger

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Pono Burger has been on my radar since it opened last year; I was invited for a hosted lunch, to see what Chef Makani Gerardi (of Hawaii’s Ultimate Burger) did with the Santa Monica Space…


…housed in a Quanset Hut from World War II.



They’ve got a Wood-Fire Grill…


…where all their burgers are cooked.


The Paniolo – English Smoked Cheddar, Niman Ranch Bacon, Coffee/Bourbon/BBQ Sauce, topped with Buttermilk Beer-Battered Onion Rings…


…The Piku “Fig” Burger – Fermier Brie, Niman Ranch Bacon, Crushed Hazelnuts, Arugula, Balsamic Vinaigrette, and Drunken Caramelized Fig Jam…



…and The Kuawa Crunch – Hook’s 1 Year Cheddar, Housemade Potato Chips, Lettuce, Coleslaw, and Guava Rum Sauce.


My favorite was the fig, though each one was quite juicy, flavorful, and unique.  All of the above were made with Organic Beef; they also have a free-range, antibiotic-free Turkey Patty and a Portobello Mushroom Option.


Another vegetarian item – a Seasonal Salad with a Beet’s “Nest,” Chèvre, and pistachios, tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette…


…and of course, the fries.

DSCN7332 DSCN7333 DSCN7335

Last, but not least – dessert – there are several milkshakes on the menu, made from Straus Family Organic Ice Cream.  We sipped on the Seasonal Special – a Pumpkin S’more, complete with hot fudge, whipped cream, crushed Graham Crackers, and Toasted Marshmallows.



Great food, great ethics, great space – kid friendly (with sliders on the menu) and if you want to bring your pooch, they’ve got a patio too!


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Stout Burgers

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I’ve learned something in the last few years.  I love salads.  I love burgers.  I do not love burgers on salads.


This is a beef patty with Roasted Tomato from Stout Burgers in Hollywood.  On its own, great.  Juicy.  Tender.  But the greens underneath were drenched in an overly-acidic dressing which negated that enjoyment.

The cheesy fries, however, I can get behind.



I’m not really sure a bun would’ve salvaged the experience; when I took a bite from Abe’s veggie burger, the bread was a bit too stiff.  I will say, though, that our waitress was really cool.  And it was a good place to watch The Dodger’s game – the main reason we went.

A podcast I really enjoy listening to is Down and Dirty Kitchen.  In every episode, they ask their guest what their favorite burger (on that day) would be.  Quite often, Stout comes up.  I don’t know if I came on an off day, but I do know I’m not a fan of their salad burgers – both in the name (“Skinny Style?!?” Boo!) and the flavor.

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