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Pono Burger

Pono Burger has been on my radar since it opened last year; I was invited for a hosted lunch, to see what Chef Makani Gerardi (of Hawaii’s Ultimate Burger) did with the Santa Monica Space… …housed in a Quanset Hut from World War II. They’ve got a Wood-Fire Grill… …where all their burgers are cooked. The Paniolo – English Smoked Cheddar, Niman Ranch

How to Make Vegan “Junk” Food

My favorite vegan chef and my favorite vegetarian director made a BuzzFeed Video together.  So of course, I had to be there. I watched Leslie make these nachos… ….a Bacon Cheeseburger… …Mac n Cheese… …and an ice cream sandwich.  (I also did a lot of eating.) All the recipes are completely meat/dairy/cruelty-free and on LeslieDurso.com – here’s the video! More Videos

Stout Burgers

I’ve learned something in the last few years.  I love salads.  I love burgers.  I do not love burgers on salads. This is a beef patty with Roasted Tomato from Stout Burgers in Hollywood.  On its own, great.  Juicy.  Tender.  But the greens underneath were drenched in an overly-acidic dressing which negated that enjoyment. The cheesy fries, however, I can get