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Found a Peanut

…actually, I found a whole BOXFUL on my doorstep! A nice, salty gift from Mr. Peanut… …with some sweetness. Of course, I had to #PutaPeanutOnIt… …Brussels Sprouts, Dates, Hummus Dressing (a.k.a. Sabra thinned out with lemon juice/water). Also added a handful to TJ’s Pesto/Quinoa and Tomatoes for another dinner salad. Thanks, Planters!

What’s New Pussycat

Who caught The World Dog Awards?  I don’t make goals/resolutions – but my only wish for 2015 is that Julius and I attend next year. Speaking of awards, I’m actually getting one!  Kearny Street Workshop in San Francisco is honoring Thick Dumpling Skin at this year’s Celebrate Your Body.  They’re gearing up for the January 31st event with a social

Thanksgiving 2014

This was our first year volunteering… …didn’t take any pix while we were in the kitchen, but I did snap a few in the donation room… …really wish I had taken a “before” photo – look at this organization! #SoSatisfying We wound up being done a lot earlier than I had anticipated, so we crashed Mark/Jen’s Thanksgiving just as it was beginning… …every