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B&K Sugar Arts Lab

On the quieter side of Robertson Boulevard lies B&K Sugar Arts Lab… …where the sweetest concoctions come to life! The kitchen is shared by three women-run businesses – Mollie B’s Cookies (and cakes and pies and brownies)… …Dept. of Sweet Diversions Jam… …and Bohnhoff & Kent. The latter Lady Gaga is a fan of, known for their chocolate-covered, cake-filled handbags… …almost too

Legally Brownie

Still in Jersey with my Mom – here’s something she never would’ve allowed me growing up – a Brownie Breakfast!  Lauren and I took a walk yesterday and I scarfed down one of her fudgy treats… …before heading back to The Apple Store – for the second time since I came home – this is as fun as it looks:

2014 Valentine’s Day Guide

Longtime readers know we’re not big on this holiday (as evidenced by our 2013 dinner at Taco Bell) but this may be the first year (in 17) that Abe and I are actually using February 14th as an excuse to dress up/eat out. We’re going to try someplace new (one that doesn’t have a drive-thru) but other fancier/romantic suggestions if you’re