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Dolce Isola

That’s my new blogging buddy Caroline!  She was my date while touring B&K Sugar Arts Lab; afterwards we sauntered down the street to Dolce Isola… …a.k.a. The Ivy Bakery.  I’ve eaten at The Ivy once, long before blogging, with Poom – she was in town visiting and wanted to spot a celebrity.  (We saw Hulk Hogan.) This cafe is a

Sprinkles Ice Cream

They say cupcakes are going out of fashion, but you wouldn’t know it from the line that still piles up outside Sprinkles in Beverly Hills. Of course, this particular store also has ice cream… …in addition to their frosted delights… …and as predicted – they go perfect together! The above is a mini red velvet with salted caramel – a winning

Go Greek

I’m such a sucker for FroYo. Go Greek specializes in just that.  There’s one section with regular yogurt, and one that’s frozen/DIY.  Not your typical toppings!  Stuff is fresher, more “exotic.”  This is Beverly Hills, after all. I tried chocolate, which isn’t tart. They’ve got a cute bench in the window – but I prefer walking and froyo-ing.