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Cafe Gratitude

Is it possible for a restaurant to have groupies?!? I have been waiting in anticipation for Cafe Gratitude forever. Today, I showed up 15 minutes before they opened to make sure that I would be their very first customer!!! And I was! I got to meet the owners, and they took pictures with me for their blog With several locations


Before I even started a food blog, I heard a lot of buzz around Doomie’s Home Cookin’ – a vegan restaurant that opened downtown in 2008. It was on my to-eat list then, but unfortunately shut down before I could try it. This past December, Doomie’s reopened. Not only a 5-minute drive away from me, but within walking distance from

The Natives Aren’t Restless

When I first heard the M Cafe in Culver City was closing, my heart sank.  But in the same press release, I read that it was being replaced by a Native Foods. Heart lifted! I recently had a blogger meetup at their Westwood chain, but this space totally kicks that location’s ass: I ordered today’s special The Scorpion Burger, with