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Rock Lobstah

I’ve got a lot of white “rocker” clothes now for the upcoming Edie Sedgwick tour, so my costume last night came together pretty easily – dressed up as my favorite B-52’s song… โ€ฆand Abe went as my manager! Around 8pm we headed to a little gathering at the Little Bar… โ€ฆthe place was pretty dark so I didn’t take too

Just One of the Guys

Wednesday began with my usual melon, but the rest of the day was all about the dude food… โ€ฆI actually dislike assigning gender roles to anything, but this WAS a Cliff Bar I took from Jeff’s stash (when I was at their place dropping off some cookies)… โ€ฆand later on, I totally crashed Abe’s Night Out with the Boyz at