Rock Lobstah

November 1, 2012

I’ve got a lot of white “rocker” clothes now for the upcoming Edie Sedgwick tour, so my costume last night came together pretty easily – dressed up as my favorite B-52’s song… …and Abe went as my manager! Around 8pm we headed to a little gathering at the Little Bar… …the place was pretty dark […]

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Just One of the Guys

October 25, 2012

Wednesday began with my usual melon, but the rest of the day was all about the dude food… …I actually dislike assigning gender roles to anything, but this WAS a Cliff Bar I took from Jeff’s stash (when I was at their place dropping off some cookies)… …and later on, I totally crashed Abe’s Night […]

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Tony’s Darts Away

September 10, 2012

I’ve been trying to get to Tony’s Darts Away since it opened more than two years ago! Back then, Quarrygirl still had a blog – I knew Abe would flip out over this place, and all their vegan-friendly foods. At the suggestion of Steph on Twitter, I got the Sweet Potato Fries – tossed in […]

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Nick of Time

February 29, 2012

Yesterday was my friend Nick’s birthday. With the exception of last year, we’ve celebrated annually with him since moving to Los Angeles. In 2010 we went to play pool, last night we gathered at Rosewood Tavern. As you can see, the place was packed. Nick’s wife Meredith (the adorable redhead between the “V” and “E” […]

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Catfish, WhoDatFish

December 27, 2011

Even though Christmas is over… …New Orleans is just getting started! We escaped the crowds in the French Quarter and walked over to my favorite neighborhood… …with my Big Daddy (and Mommy) in law, David and Wendy Our destination – Sound Cafe, which I saw on Treme… …since it was closed, we stumbled into the […]

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