Mateo’s Ice Cream and Paletas

August 15, 2014

I love that my dear Anna lives in LA again – and we can go on impromptu adventures! My Instagram Feeds have been blowing up with pictures of Mateo’s – they have several locations; this is the one on Pico and Vermont. Aside from Paletas (ice pops made from fresh fruit) they have a dizzying […]

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The Fare Trade

August 14, 2014

Home! So happy to be reunited with The Sausage King of Chicago, who surprised me with this BuzzFeed video while I was gone.  You may remember that we didn’t have a traditional wedding, so it was really touching to hear Abe say these words. So much mail to open! Most of it junk, but some […]

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Baba Bibimbap

August 13, 2014

I will say this about mourning – it gets better.  But it still stings. I was so glad to see my father surrounded by such beauty at St. John the Divine! Back in NJ, we went to lunch at Dong Bang Grill. I ordered a Bibimbap sans beef.  Not accustomed to all the meat I’ve been […]

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Legally Brownie

August 12, 2014

Still in Jersey with my Mom – here’s something she never would’ve allowed me growing up – a Brownie Breakfast!  Lauren and I took a walk yesterday and I scarfed down one of her fudgy treats… …before heading back to The Apple Store – for the second time since I came home – this is […]

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Ebony and Ivory

August 11, 2014

There’s a cat in our hood who looks like Michael Jackson… …her actual name is “Kitty” and she’s a star.  Usually Julius ignores her… …but for some reason he got very interested the other day. Their band photo: Share It Hide Sites

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