Food Blogger Lynn Chen eats Breakfast Pizza with an Egg

National Pizza Day

How in the world is it February already? (Also, try reading that sentence out loud – those last two words are tongue twisters.) So far, I’ve been busy with The Good Festival and I started …


What I Want for Valentine’s Day

I’m in a Valentine’s Day frame of mind. Which is weird because in the 21 years that I’ve been with my husband, I’ve never cared about this holiday before. Until now. I asked Abe to …


Date Night in Beverly Hills

Citizen┬áis one of our favorite places for a date night. It’s romantic, fun, and the food is really good.

Blazer Jeans T-Shirt Outfit

Blazin in Britney

This is one of my favorite looks – a blazer over jeans with a T-shirt underneath. Completely influenced by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – you know, the fire escape scene at the end? Instead …