Dockside at Playa Provisions

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Playa Provisions is like my favorite Barbie of all time – Day-to-Night.  A totally different experience once the sun sets.


(My mentioning Barbie has nothing to do with the stunning blonde who was my date.)

DSCN6508 Kailey is a longtime blog friend (we both started our sites around the same time) and she now works for the PR company that reps Playa Provisions.  Dockside is their high-end restaurant open for happy hour, dinner, and weekend brunch.

We started off with Salt Cod Clam Chowder, with braised bacon in a Sourdough Bread Bowl…


…and Ceviche (Albacore, Shrimp, Avocado, Coconut, Jalapeño, Lime, Passion Fruit, Radish, Salmon Roe) with Chips.


Next up…


…perfect Brown Sugar Roasted Acorn Squash…


…with fried sage, maple brown butter and toasted pepitas…


…Cheesy Stone Ground Grits, Vinegar Cooked Collard Greens, Crispy Onions, Runny Soft Cooked Egg…



…and two salads – Grilled Baby Romaine with Marinated Cippolini Onions, Radishes, Breadcrumbs, Creamy Garlic Dressing…

DSCN6532 …plus a Seafood Louie with Bay Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Quinoa, Avocado and Papaya.

DSCN6546Once we wrapped up on Chefs Nick Roberts/Brooke Williamson’s genius, we ended with Kristin Feuer’s perfect chocolate chip cookies (<—click for the recipe)…

…warm n gooey…


…served with Bourbon Milk.


A perfect place for a dinner date – especially a blind blogger one.

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The ABC’s of Bedding

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Sometimes, I feel like I’m 5-years-old, going on 38.  That’s why I’m starting a new series on the blog, The ABC’s of… I’ll ask experts about the basics of things that “should be” basic.

I’ll ask questions like I’m in kindergarten.

For the first installment, I recorded a short podcast episode with Ariel Kaye, the founder of Parachute Home.


Here are just some of the tips she gave me, which I found seriously enlightening:

  • Wash your sheets every 7-10 days; at a medium/warm/cool temperature. Don’t overstuff the machines and use a low temperature setting. Take them out while they’re still warm/damp, and smooth them out.
  • Have 2-3 sets per bed and rotate – replace them every year to year and a half; or just get new pillowcases to refresh your room.


We also discussed how to fold a fitted sheet, how to put on a duvet cover, and what Ariel likes to eat in bed.  Listen to the episode below or on iTunes/Stitcher, and check out Parachute Home for more info.


Ice Cream Lab

dessert - vegan

I almost failed chemistry, so I can’t really explain how this works…


…but Ice Cream Lab creates made-to-order scoops using locally sourced, fresh ingredients…


…using magic (aka Liquid Nitrogen).

IMG_0427I was invited in to sample a bunch of flavors – this isn’t Blue Crystal Meth, but Blue Velvet (with Magnolia Cupcakes)…
IMG_0433 …Banilla (also Magnolia-esque), Salt Lick Crunch (pretzels, caramel, sea salt)…

…Vegan Chocolate (coconut base)…


…and their seasonal sorbet – this was Strawberry.  Both non-dairy options are sweetened with Agave.


Ice Cream Lab opens its second location in Pasadena next week.  Stop by the Grand Opening on Wednesday, October 29th – for free ice cream, giveaways, and more.


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