Brown Sugar Bundt Cake

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Here’s the cake I brought to the last Los Angeles Cake Club – a Brown Sugar Bundt Cake.  I made Bake or Break’s recipe, and it turned out lovely – not too sweet.  The only ingredient substitution I used was Almond Milk.


Learned a little trick from Ina Garten – if you tuck a few sheets of parchment paper under the cake, you can pull them out after the cake’s been glazed…


…though that still doesn’t solve the “bundt hole pooling” problem I always seem to have.  If anyone has suggestions/tips/tricks, I’d love them.  I’m hoping it doesn’t involve glazing it on a wire rack, because I don’t want to have to clean a wire rack.


P.S. I’m also curious as to who else is as obsessed with Ina’s husband Jeffrey as I am.


Swingers Coffee Shop

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Since I’m always trying new restaurants for the blog, I’m not really a regular anywhere anymore (other than ice cream places).   When we first moved to Los Angeles, we ate at Swingers a lot.  I remember it being a fun, casual place with good vegetarian options…


…not to be confused with the 101 Coffee Shop, from the MOVIE Swingers (which I’ve actually never been to).


I got a Vegan Cobb – sautéed tofu, soy cheese, avocado, tomatoes, crispy onions, and carrots with tahini-dill dressing on the side…


…Abe had the Veggie Joe – soyrizo, veggie chili, and cheddar cheese.  (You can get these vegan-ized, too.)


Both were solid dishes – and the ambiance was low-key (which I love).  Why did it take us so long to come back?  It’s so money, baby!

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Read/Eat With Me: The Difference Maker


As a woman my age who’s decided not to have children, it’s challenging to get inside the heads of other motherless/fatherless folks.  I was grateful to stumble across Meghan Daum’s article in The New Yorker.


Berries, Raw Oats, Greek Yogurt, Stevia

She perfectly captures the mixed emotions one feels when they want to nurture, but have decided not to become parents.


Brown Rice, Kale, Coconut Chips, Crushed Nuts, Raisins, Carrot Ginger Dressing

“Were we sad because we lacked some essential element of lifetime partnership, such as a child or an agreement about wanting or not wanting one, or because life is just sad sometimes—maybe even a lot of the time? Or perhaps it wasn’t even sadness we were feeling but, simply, the dull ache of aging. Maybe children don’t save their parents from this ache as much as distract from it. And maybe creating a diversion from aging is in fact much of the point of parenting.”


Beef Burger with Roasted Tomato on Arugula

Read the full article here.  I love that the author also grew up in Bergen County and lives in Los Angeles.