Sprinkles Ice Cream

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They say cupcakes are going out of fashion, but you wouldn’t know it from the line that still piles up outside Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.

Of course, this particular store also has ice cream…


…in addition to their frosted delights…


…and as predicted – they go perfect together!


The above is a mini red velvet with salted caramel – a winning combo concocted by my brilliant cousins Mark/Jen.  I opted for “plain old” peanut butter cup, which contains TCHO Chocolate, but am fantasizing about the day I return for a red velvet cone or cookie sandwich.

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A Decade Later

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I think back to who these women were in this photo, 10 years ago.  This was the world premiere of Saving Face, at the Toronto Film Festival.

  • I was full of joy – it was my first movie, the audience response was tremendous, and on Opening Night Sony Pictures Classics announced they would be distributing the film and bringing us to Sundance.
  • I was full of excitement – I completely lost my voice during day 2 of the press junkets – Abe wandered around the streets of Canadian Chinatown trying to find the “magic herbs” my Mom told him he needed to buy me.
  • I was full of fear – my binge eating was at its worst.  I didn’t care that I felt sick during Q&A’s and had a long flight home.  I was too afraid to feel any of the above.

Well, a decade later, and I’m not the same person.  But in a lot of ways I am.  The ups and downs haven’t disappeared, but the ability to experience it has.


(Reunited in 2012, Photo by Jennifer Yin)

P.S. Joan Chen started a food blog!


Pleased as Pastry

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Whenever I have a morning meeting, I bring pastries.


Sycamore Kitchen has some beauties!


Flourless Lemon Custard Cake…


…Salted Caramel Babka Rolls…

…and Blackberry Lemon Polenta Cake.  Gorgeous goodness.


P.S.  Speaking of food at meetings, who saw Blackish last night?  You may have recognized Christy’s husband Jeff on it going to town!


P.P.S. Both Christy and Jeff are on the latest episode of Open Sky Fitness talking nutrition/weight loss.

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