5 Places to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

I feel so lucky to live in a city with brilliant Mexican food – I feel like the best stuff is usually found at trucks, or stands like La China Poblano

La China Poblana

…home of the best sandwich IN THE WORLD.  Nothing makes me happier than balancing salsa and cheese on my lap in the car.

Here are four more places in LA I enjoy, if you want a “fancier” ambiance.

Mexican Los Angeles

  • Casa Vega – A fun, kitschy atmosphere with vacation-style drinks and giant baskets chips/salsa, located in the Valley.
  • Gracias Madre – Vegan Mexican food in West Hollywood.  You’ll have an opinion, I’m sure, but everyone I’ve ever eaten there with loves it.
  • Guisados – Tacos, tacos, tacos!  I’ve only been to the one in Echo Park, which is a lot more casual – but there’s a new one that opened downtown with a cool space.
  • Guelaguetza – Come and see why their Mole won a James Beard Classics Award.

And if you’re NOT lucky enough to live in the City of Angels, there’s probably a Chipotle near you.  Not the most authentic, but I respect that they’re now completely non-GMO.


I’d love to hear your favorite LA Mexican restaurants!  Always wanting to discover more.

Parachute Kids

We started shooting Parachute Kids last night – thank you SO MUCH to everyone who donated (over $10,000) to our Kickstarter!!!

Parachute Kids

Emily wrote this short film specifically for us, after our little practice round playing sisters

Parachute Kids

…so I had to help out with the budget the best way I knew how – blog donations!  Thank you so much to Del Real Foods for feeding the cast/crew…

Del Real Foods

…and to Repurpose for sending us enough earth-friendly, plant-made products for all the meals/crafts service.


Speaking of crafty, our producer Catherine Kresge knows how to put together a well-stocked table on a tight budget…

Craft Services

…including these chocolate cookies her mother baked.  Mmmmm.
Chocolate Cookies

There were a couple cheese pies from Prime Pizza picked up for dinner (which, on set, is actually called “lunch”)…

Prime Pizza

…a very solid, NYC-style slice – as expected from the guys behind Bludso’s, Cofax, and Golden State.

Prime Pizza

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Podcast 48 – Kit Rich

I first met Kit Rich at a beauty event, where she was sharing her Pilates expertise…

A photo posted by Lynn Chen (@mslynnchen) on

…we got to talking about body image, and she interviewed me for this Beautylish article.

Lynn Chen

I wanted to pick her brain too, so we sat down and recorded a podcast together!

Hear us talk about body dysmorphia, her past obsession with “Clean Eating,” how she found a balanced diet, her new gym SHIFT


…and what it was like going on Kesha’s World Tour.

Kesha Trainer

Listen to the episode here, or subscribe on iTunes/Stitcher (theme music by Goh Nakamura).  Please leave a review/rating to help others find the show!

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