Bagel Brunch

My cousin Finn turned 13!  You may remember the menu for his past birthdays (bacon-wrapped hot dogs + homemade pizza). It was a non-traditional Bar Mitzvah celebration – involving more bacon… …Western Bagels… …plus Whitefish + Lox from Odessa Grocery. So.Continue Reading

Moonwalk and Potatoes
astronaut costume

A commercial I shot last year just started airing – put in your contacts and don’t blink or you’ll miss me!   Finally got to live my dream of being in Spacecamp… …although pretending to be weightless in a heavy,Continue Reading

DTLA Lunch: Souk Shawarma
popcorn falafel

Souk Shawarma recently opened in Downtown Los Angeles, specializing in fast, Middle Eastern Food.  I was invited for lunch – we chose to come on the weekend, when it’s less-crowded.  This seems like the perfect place to grab a quickContinue Reading

What’s New Pussycat
Julius Chenwald

Hey guys!  Who’s trapped in snow?  Happy to see my east coast buddy Tian Tian making the most of the big blizzard. Tian Tian woke up this morning to a lot of snow, and he was pretty excited about it.Continue Reading

Vegan Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs
Vegan Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs are one of the world’s greatest foods. TBH, I’m much less into this vegetarian version.  But my husband seems to like ’em. Lightlife sent me free coupons so I used their veggie bacon, and their jumbo veggie dogs, too.Continue Reading

Ladies Night: FOH Restaurant
Ladies Night

My social life has never been like Sex and the City, where I’m meeting one group of lady friends for lunches on a regular basis.  My friends are spread apart, in various groups – from the acting world, blogging, family, college, etc.  AndContinue Reading