Button Mash
Lynn Chen

GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some posts warrant this many exclamation points!!!!!!! Button Mash!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already knew I’d love it even before they opened, because the menu is from my friends Nguyen and Thi (of Starry Kitchen) and I happily eat everything theyContinue Reading

Pan. Cake.
Buckwheat Pancakes with Greek Yogurt

So what happens when it’s 5pm, you find out it’s National Chocolate Cake Day, but there’s no cake in the house and you really really really want cake? Buckwheat Pancakes with Greek Yogurt. Okay it’s NOTHING like Chocolate Cake, but…maybe ifContinue Reading

Bagel Brunch

My cousin Finn turned 13!  You may remember the menu for his past birthdays (bacon-wrapped hot dogs + homemade pizza). It was a non-traditional Bar Mitzvah celebration – involving more bacon… …Western Bagels… …plus Whitefish + Lox from Odessa Grocery. So.Continue Reading