The Danforth Inn – Portland, ME

Good morning from Maine!  We just spent the night at The Danforth Inn – a luxury boutique inn that’s been around since 1823 and seen a lot of action. We were greeted by the sweetest staff, and showered with chocolates… …plus aContinue Reading

Podcast 72: Grant Melton
grant melton rachael ray

I’m a huge Rachael Ray fan.  Watching 30 Minute Meals was instrumental in my eating disorder recovery.  I’ve grown with her over the years – literally digesting everything she’s put out – and my favorite thing to unwind with afterContinue Reading

Baked Sesame Tofu and Vegetables
baked sesame tofu

I recently threw out all of the food delivery menus I’ve been acquiring since we first moved to LA from Astoria.  This was difficult.  For me, New York City was a takeout town – I was always too tired at theContinue Reading

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recipe · June 28, 2016
Raindrop Cake
Raindrop Cake

With the drought, Angelenos are obsessed with rain.  First there was The Rain Room at LACMA, now we’re freaking out over The Raindrop Cake.  Then again, this dessert caused quite a stir in NYC, where they’re no strangers to rain. It’s made fromContinue Reading

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vegan · June 26, 2016