Chef’s Tasting at The Springs
Raw Vegan Sundae

Since my last blog post about The Springs, I’ve been back a whole bunch… …but this was my first experience with Chef Michael Falso’s Tasting Menu. Started off with some Strawberry Kombucha on Tap… …and an amuse buche – Dragon Fruit atop Lemongrass Sorbet. Watermelon Gazpacho with Heirloom Tomatoes, Red Pepper, Strawberries, Cucumber, Red Onion, Lime… …Rangoons with Old Bay “CreamContinue Reading

Happy Blood Moon Festival!
Pretzel Chocolate Bread Pudding

Five Years of No Mooncake for me: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014…this counts as mooncake, right? In the six years I’ve been food blogging, I always miss out on buying dessert for the Lunar New Year.  The day’s still not over, but I’ve a feeling I’m going to continue my streak.  Obviously, I don’t love the stuff! However, 2015 IS super special – aContinue Reading

Avocado Toast du Jour
Avocado Toast

LaMill Coffee’s version is thick n super crunchy. Nestled on top: Pickled Red Onions, Radishes, and a Gremolata with Chili Almond Gremolata. You can also get it with a poached egg (like my former podcast guest Jenny did) for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I love being able to eat something like this at 8pm without having to make it myself. More Avocado Toast <—click!

Makeover!!!! 💁
Pumpkin Pinkberry

Notice anything different on the blog?!??  All props go to my fantastic web designer, Lindsay at White Oak Creative.  We’re still working on designing a new logo…I’d love your input, especially from long-time readers.  When you think of The Actor’s Diet, what are your some words that come to mind? For those of you who subscribe to daily posts, youContinue Reading


I’ve been eating a lot of Filipino Food lately! Ricebar is a tiny restaurant in Downtown LA; you pull up a stool… …and watch the action. Their menu is small too; they use imported grains from the Philippines (non-GMO, fair-trade). Joy and I were treated to several bowls. Chicken Tonola (Aromatic Ginger Broth, Green Papaya, Chili Leaves)… …Vegan Mushroom TamaleContinue Reading

My Go-To Oatmeal Recipe
Banana Oatmeal with Cranberries

I didn’t really grow up eating oatmeal, which is why I was surprised to see a canister of Quaker in my mother’s NJ pantry. This is the standard recipe for the base of almost all my Oatmeal-du-Jour meals – the banana thickens the mixture, and adds natural sweetness.  I usually add liquid egg whites for protein (you can’t taste them) but my momContinue Reading

Lake Hollywood Reservoir
Lake Hollywood

Sorry, Julius. I love taking walks along the water (Echo Park Lake, Kenneth Hahn, Silver Lake Reservoir, Lake Balboa, and the Venice Canals are my favorite) but I haven’t gone to Lake Hollywood Reservoir before, mostly since I can’t bring my dog. But also because I couldn’t find it. Abe bikes around here all the time, so he knew the directions.  We stoppedContinue Reading

Pressed Juicery Freeze
Pressed Juicery Freeze

I am going to talk about the weather.  It’s very very very very warm.  I mentioned before that we got some frozen treats from Pressed Juicery while at The Americana at Brand – it’s soft serve juice.  Is your mind exploding?  I’ll give you a second or two. one. two. Yes. You can get your kale and parsley and other greenContinue Reading