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Burger Toppings

There’s been a theme in my life this past week: Burger Toppings.  You would think it’s pretty simple, but I’ve learned there is definitely an art to dressing a hamburger. There is also an art to …

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Vegetarian Sandwiches at Hollywood Bowl

I once met Weird Al, almost six years ago, at Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop.  I never approach celebrities – especially when they’re not working and enjoying their private time – but I really couldn’t help myself …

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Podcast 75: Nick Jandl

I recently met Nick Jandl in person because we both went back to New England Music Camp to teach a Master Class on Acting.  We talk about how camp food, newlywed life, his favorite roasted …

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Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop

We stayed in New York City on Tuesday night and took the opportunity to have dinner with our good friends Nate Smith and Jess Krause.  At first, I wanted to check out By Chloe near …