Giveaway: PPLA Food Fare

I spent a lot of time at Planned Parenthood in college – not only to get birth control pills, condoms, sexually educated, etc. – but also during the summer between junior/senior year as an intern in their NYC office.  It’s an organization near and dear to my heart, and this is the 36th year they will be hosting Food Fare  – one of the oldest food events in LA, started in 1979 with a cooking demonstration by Julia Child.

PPLA Food Fare

This year’s event takes place at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica on Thursday, March 5th.  I’m not able to attend, so I arranged to give away two tickets for the 11am-2pm Day Session (you can still buy them too).

PPLA Food Fare

PPLA Food Fare

How good does all this look?!?

PPLA Food Fare

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Trader Joe’s Cranberry Almond Grain Medley

Remember when Abe and I had our little disagreement over the definition of a salad?  He now happily calls things without lettuce “salads” – though for some reason, Trader Joe’s calls them a “Medley.”


(I think this is their way of tricking people into eating salads.)


I did wind up adding some green – chopped up parsley.  Herb-A-Licious.  I love their medleys.


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Top 10 Movies of 2014

My friend Poom asked me to create a top 10 list of my choice – since it’s Oscar weekend, here are the 10 Films of 2014 that I found most enjoyable.

Selma Movie

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10. Selma – I was a bit underwhelmed by the nominated films, as evidenced by the ones that actually made this list.  Selma was one of the few that actually made me go into a very deep place to think, cry, and feel – which is what an “Oscar Movie” should do, in my opinion.

9. Neighbors – Fact: Abe loved this movie so much he saw it in the theaters TWICE.  I was worried he had overhyped it, but found myself belly laughing – even getting teary at times.  Although we are never going to have kids, we really related to feeling old/out of place.

8. Palo Alto – When Nice Girls Crew spoke at Stanford, our director Tanuj took us on a tour of Palo Alto and told us some gossip about his friend James Franco’s book.  I liked how Gia Coppola translated it all on the big screen, plus Emma Roberts and I have the same manager, so I love seeing her do well.

7. Whiplash – The day we went to see this in the theater, I was having a horrendous acting day.  Being a tortured artist, of course, I decided the best medicine would be to watch someone else suffer.  It is a nice reminder to me that bad days always get better, and there are a lot more important things than being a “good” actor.

Birdman Fight

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6. Birdman – I saw this before most people did, and I knew nothing about it, so I was pretty blown away.  Afterwards I heard a lot of negative banter but I’m going to stick to my gut reaction – it was a technically brilliant, emotional roller coaster ride, and I kinda like it when I see all the work that goes into a perfected scene.

5. Wild – One of two books I actually read for book club (see below).  I didn’t think I’d like 300+ pages of a woman hiking solo, but I did – and I was also into the two-hour big-screen version.  Unfortunately, the online screener I watched was glitch-y so the experience was a lot more frustrating than I would’ve liked it to be.

4. Gone Girl – I made Abe read this novel right after I was finished – so it’s a special event when we’ve both read something and gone to see the film – even more rare when the experiences are similar.  Loved watching Rosamind Pike morph effortlessly.

3. Obvious Child – The other night Abe and I were answering questions from the NY Times’ “To Fall In Love With Anyone Do This” App.  One of them was who we’d like to have over for dinner.  I answered my father, he answered Jenny Slate.  And I’d have to say, aside from a deceased loved one, she’s a perfect answer – because she was absolutely perfect in this movie.

2. Big Hero 6 – I did not expect to love this cartoon with every fiber of my being, but I did.  I loved the art, the acting (props to my girl Jamie Chung and my Silicon Valley Lover, TJ Miller), the story…the Hapa lead characters were the icing on the cake.

1. Boyhood – Richard Linklater can do no wrong in my eyes.  He’s responsible for a number of my all-time favorite movies, and this one just got added to that list.  Just watching the trailer gave me shivers, and experiencing the feature made me wish I had a time machine just so I could show up on set, be an extra, and watch the magic unfold.


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P.S. Honorable Mention: The One I Love – We rented this movie on iTunes right after our trip to Ojai (which is where most of the movie takes place).  Bonus – my blog buddy Tara (aka The Food Pervert) plays Elisabeth Moss’ double!

P.P.S. – Dave Boyle – my most frequent creative collaborator – is nominated for an Independent Spirit Award today – if that film came out last year (it premieres late March), it’d definitely be on this list.  Fingers crossed he and the Man from Reno team win.

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