Persimmon Muffins, 2 Ways
Persimmon Muffins

I got a little delivery from Bob’s Red Mill recently.  And picked up 3 pounds of persimmons from the Farmer’s Market.  I don’t ever buy the Hachiya ones, since I have zero patience to wait for them to ripen.  These are the Fuyu variety, which you can eat firm – like an apple! The Oat Bran Muffin Mix comes withoutContinue Reading

Put a Holiday Bird On It
Thanksgiving Turkey Burger

It’s no secret that Umami Burger has a special place in my heart.  We live near the Hollywood location, so that’s where we visit the most often… …and I almost always get a Turkey Burger.  It’s the best one in LA. But THIS!!! This is their special Holiday Bird, available now through whenever people think it’s appropriate to start throwing outContinue Reading

The Venice Whaler
fried brussels sprouts

I’ve walked by The Venice Whaler a lot in the last 10 years.  They recently changed ownership… …had a major makeover… …and revamped their menu.  Of course, there was alcohol.  At 11:30am. Leslie did the drinking, and reported that the cocktails were delicious and strong:  The “Go To” (Vodka, Strawberry, Cucumber) and “Venice Julep” (Bourbon, Peach Iced Tea, Mint Chai,Continue Reading

Always a Bridesmaids Dress…
Blue Fairy Dress

Yes, I wore a Bridesmaids dress on the red carpet at SDAFF. I didn’t know it was one, actually, until I checked out the designer, Joanna August.  She makes some really beautiful wedding outfits! The dress is super comfy, stays put… …has a big slit down the side… …and makes me look a lot classier than I really am. More FashionContinue Reading

Netflix and Chilly: Hangry Diary
Chicken and Waffles

Since it’s officially cold, I grant us all permission to snuggle under the covers all day, binge on Netflix, and eat in bed.  You all know what I’m watching/eating, now I’ve asked some of my favorite Tastemakers to share their current favorites.  These are their words, and their photographs. Who – Jocelyn of HangryDiary.  Our passion for exploring new restaurants inspired us toContinue Reading

Bella Julia
Salmon Quinoa Salad

I love me a mom-and-pop neighborhood gem. Bella Julia recently opened on Yucca Street in Hollywood, by husband/wife team Chaza (the chef) and Steven Smith.  Their space is intimate and casual, but special.  There’s a small, separate dining room; we opted to sit at the bar by the kitchen, to watch the action. There’s a singing oven (with fresh focaccia rising inside).  Above it,Continue Reading

I Like Big Bundts and I Cannot Lie
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

Sorry to those of you who thought something horrible had happened with Julius because of yesterday’s post.  Happy to report that he is fine.  And obviously, I’m moving on with this Bundt Cake post. I pretty much only bake bundt cakes, because I can’t be bothered with layers.  So for National Bundt Cake Day, I present you with six recipes: ChocolateContinue Reading

Jack Russell

I’m not a journalist, but Friday the 13th was brutal and I don’t want to be silent.  Paris, Beirut, Baghdad…maybe tomorrow it will feel appropriate to post about National Bundt Cake Day but I doubt it. Thoughts going out to everyone affected by these horrific tragedies.  Yesterday and every day.