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Avocado Toast du Jour

Inspired by my Oatmeal du Jour series… …I present: Avocado Toast du Jour.  Because there are about a million ways to make this delicious dish that I could seriously eat every single day. This version found me mashing half an avocado with leftover salsa, a tablespoon of Sriracha Just Mayo… …mixed greens and shredded mozzarella on toasted Dave’s Killer Bread. I

Breakfast for Dinner at LaMill

I’ve been to LaMill Coffee several times for coffee/brunch/meetings… …I’ve never thought of it as a date night spot until they invited us in for dinner! Their brewed-to-order coffee was drank, even at 7pm… …in the form of a headache-busting “Black & Black” (Imperial Stout, Cold Brew, Sugar, Grapefruit Twist). More citrus in a salad – Baby Kale, Brussels Sprouts, and