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Swingers Coffee Shop

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Since I’m always trying new restaurants for the blog, I’m not really a regular anywhere anymore (other than ice cream places).   When we first moved to Los Angeles, we ate at Swingers a lot.  I remember it being a fun, casual place with good vegetarian options…


…not to be confused with the 101 Coffee Shop, from the MOVIE Swingers (which I’ve actually never been to).


I got a Vegan Cobb – sautéed tofu, soy cheese, avocado, tomatoes, crispy onions, and carrots with tahini-dill dressing on the side…


…Abe had the Veggie Joe – soyrizo, veggie chili, and cheddar cheese.  (You can get these vegan-ized, too.)


Both were solid dishes – and the ambiance was low-key (which I love).  Why did it take us so long to come back?  It’s so money, baby!

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Field Trip

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Field Trip recently opened up in the Farmer’s Kitchen space, very close to Abe’s new BuzzFeed Office off of Vine Street in Hollywood.


The talent of one of my favorite bakers, Sarah (Hart and the Hunter, Flores and the Ladies Gunboat Society) is on display there.


IMG_7639 We wound up ordering off the menu – all seasonal stuff…
IMG_7652…Abe had an omelet and I got the Field Salad, which contains seasonal veggies, corn, and pickles.  Pickles make a salad.


Need to come back for dessert – and eventually, dinner.

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Halloween Foods for Grown Ups

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Now that it’s October, we can talk about Halloween without people freaking out, right?

I don’t know why I get so excited about this holiday – I actually don’t love it – as evidenced by my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to costumes.

However, I do love Halloween Foods.  Mainly, Halloween Candy.

I am, also, approaching 40.  In 2 years, but it’s coming.

So in the spirit of acting my age, I’ve compiled a list of “Halloween-y” recipes.  None of them, candy.  None of them, mind you, actually made/photographed by me.  That would be too grown-up.


Spaghettie Squash Burrito Bowls via Making Thyme for Health


Carrot and Coconut Soup via A Couple Cooks

kirbie muffins

Mini Pumpkin Donut Muffins via Kirbie’s Cravings


Apple Cider via A House in the Hills

I’m sure little goblins would like all of this too.  They’re all vegetarian – click on the pictures for the recipes.