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IKEA’s Vegan Meatballs

I said the word “balls” a lot on twitter today. That’s because Leslie and I headed to IKEA for a live tasting of their new vegan (yes, vegan – AND gluten-free) meatballs: GRÖNSAKSBULLAR. If you’re on Periscope (I’m not) you can watch the drama unfold in Leslie’s video (@LeslieDurso) as we walk through the store, to the cafeteria, and are heartbroken to discover

Recipe: Blueberry Quinoa Salad

I was asked to contribute a Quinoa dish to Passover Seder, filled with a lot of Uber Foodies – the pressure was on! Spent about 2 weeks pouring over quinoa recipes until I realized, “AHEM.  Even though I never cook, I’m still pretty good at it!  I’m going to develop something myself, dammit!” (<—can you say that word if you’re Jewish?) My

Fala Bar

Fala Bar = Falafel and Salad Bar! Located on Melrose, just east of Fairfax, the space is tiny, mostly gluten-free, 100% organic/vegan/GMO-free and full of choices! Just look at all the beverages – they even have fresh coconut they’ll cut for you. I was treated to a sampling of options… …homemade, baked falafel with hummus, tahini, matbucha, and baba ghanoush