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Say Chao!

Abe eats a lot of veggie dogs; his favorite brand is Field Roast.  I recently heard from the Veggie Grill Peeps they make a cheese too… ….made from Potato Starch and Tofu.  Here’s the story from their website: Chao tofu is a fermented soybean curd popular throughout Asia. Essentially it’s the traditional “cheese” of Asia…Chao Cheese is a continuation of

Recipe: Mohawk Bend’s Buffalo Cauliflower

After posting this photo on Instagram… Buffalo Cauliflower Soldiers A photo posted by Lynn Chen (@actorsdiet) on Jun 24, 2015 at 1:09pm PDT …I received several requests for the recipe!  It’s not mine, but Mohawk Bend (where I enjoyed it) was kind enough to share it with y’all.  If you like Buffalo Wings, you’re gonna love them. Mohawk Bend’s Buffalo-Style Cauliflower