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Dog Perception

August 22, 2013

Julius (and my melon) were on edge this morning… …the final stages of bathroom construction are being done, so I took his worried canine body with me. Picked up some tickets for this weekend’s LA Food and Wine Festival (I can never resist riding the elevators at The Bonaventure Hotel), stopped at The Farmer’s Market […]

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House M.D.

July 31, 2013

We left the Silver Dream Factory, which had weird stuff on the walls… …and into a house, filled with a lot of other random stuff…I discovered that Fred, our sound mixer, not only worked on 90210 during its first golden year, but also Rags to Riches, one of my favorite shows as a kid! The […]

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Ramekins on Plates

July 18, 2013

Almost 24 hours later… …I revisited an old friend. Ramekin also gave us goodie boxes… …filled with the most perfectly underbaked cookies, made from Valrhona Chocolate. HEAVEN!!! When Abe got home I wasn’t hungry for dinner, so I whipped him up a quick vegan pasta – onions, garlic, tomato paste, and spinach cooked in white wine, […]

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Supermarket Superstar

July 16, 2013

If you listened to the latest episode of The Actor’s Diet Podcast, you know what I did Monday… …Supermarket Superstar is Lifetime’s new show, premiering July 22nd with Stacy Keibler hosting… …featuring famous foodie mentors, like Mrs. Fields! There were some cookies in the house… …along with a lot of other interesting products hoping to […]

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An Apple TV a Day

July 11, 2013

Recharging the batteries this morning… …our Sopranos obsession/marathon is still going on, and as much as we love HBO Go, we did NOT love watching it on our Xbox. The main problem was the voice-recognition; kept mistaking Tony’s outbursts for video controls.  Out of nowhere, it would sometimes rewind/stop – and we’d find ourselves screaming […]

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