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Binge Watch/Mindfully Munch: The Last Man On Earth

I really like Apocalypse-themed entertainment, but am not that into zombies.  The Last Man on Earth fits into my weird box – plus I love the cast – featuring Will Forte, Kristen Schaal, and January Jones… …co-starring a lot of food! Tomatoes, plenty of sweet packaged stuff (stock up on Twinkies/Jelly Beans), canned goods (Corn/Baked Beans)… …and raisin dishes.  Below are Spaghetti and

Brother Orange You Glad

…this is going to be the last post with “Brother Orange” in the title? (For a little while, at least.) We had a lovely dinner last Wednesday at SunCafe Organic – the restaurant was so accommodating with setting up a private room large/quiet enough for Abe to shoot in… …Brother Orange (a true carnivore) actually enjoyed his first taste of