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Brother Orange You Glad

…this is going to be the last post with “Brother Orange” in the title? (For a little while, at least.) We had a lovely dinner last Wednesday at SunCafe Organic – the restaurant was so accommodating with setting up a private room large/quiet enough for Abe to shoot in… …Brother Orange (a true carnivore) actually enjoyed his first taste of

Fresh Off the Boat

Highly anticipating this show! I do have a personal connection – I know almost everyone involved in the cast – from Randall (I still can’t get over that he was on The Chew) to Ian, to the star Hudson (I’m also friends with his Dad, Jeff) and the real-life Eddie Huang… …but really, this is the first time an Asian-American family is being

Binge Watch/Mindfully Munch: Black Mirror

I’ve been telling everyone I know about this British anthology series Black Mirror, recently released on Netflix. This is kind of how I describe it: “It’s kinda like…well, it’s not like any other show.  They compare it to a hybrid of Tales of the Unexpected meets The Twilight Zone but I’ve never seen either so I don’t know for sure….oh, just