Taiwan is Fun

January 13, 2014

Abe and I were hoping to make it to Taiwan this past Christmas, but we stayed in LA instead. We DID live vicariously, though, via our friends Emily and Alex’s Instagram… …they brought treats home for us too! I always loved Pineapple Cake growing up… …it’s a bit dry, so Emily recommended heating them in […]

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Julius Does Julian

December 30, 2013

The ride from Borrego Springs to Julian, CA is charming… ….so is the little town itself! Julius thinks he met the mayor. Everywhere we looked, there was pie. PIE. PIEEEEEEE!  (You know my feelings about that.) Went with Moms… …because they were making it in the window. Pats of butter literally beckoning me inside. So […]

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Borrego Springs

December 29, 2013

Abe, Julius, and I took a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Borrego Springs yesterday. It feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere! They have the largest desert state park in the contiguous US – and no traffic lights, which makes for stargazing paradise. The town itself is teeny – kinda like how we imagine Palm […]

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Virgins Do It OK

November 30, 2013

For years, I’ve called LAX the worst airport in America. But I think Boston’s Virgin America area may actually be worse. Do yourself a favor and hang out in the rocking chairs between terminals before going through security and entering Purgatory. The WiFi doesn’t work once you cross! Abe and I split this Vegetarian meal […]

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You Had Me at Hello

November 27, 2013

We were up way before the sun said hello! Uber-ed it to LAX… …ate an apple + Quest Bar while watching Jerry Maguire for the first time since it was out in theaters… (not into these whey-based protein bars) …and ate some more apples in dried form while waiting for our rental car in Boston. […]

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