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Parks and Recreation

I haven’t been back to Van Saun Park since I was 10… but I certainly don’t remember there being marsupials! Snakes… …on a train! I’m kinda obsessed with NJ Italian Food since we finished The Sopranos last year, so I was pumped for takeout from In Napoli (<—check out who’s eaten there)… …takeout for my nieces and nephews, but everything was still

Dr. Sandwich

Dr. Sandwich recently opened and invited me to Beverly Hills for lunch… …reminds me of Subway or Chipotle, with a Mediterranean theme. Customize your sandwich on plain/whole wheat Baguette… …Lafa… …or pita.  That’s what I got, along with some Chicken Shawarma. Also on the menu – Paninis, Soup, French Fries, Chicken Schnitzel… …and vegetarian options – Falafel… …and Sabich – fried eggplant, hard boiled

There Will Be Blood Moons

Who got to see the total lunar eclipse last night? I actually fell asleep to the Griffith Park live stream while Abe went out to The Hollywood Dog Park to watch the blood moon. Ew. We’ve both been sick the last few days but did manage to see Corey in his new play at South Coast Rep… …takeout + romantic