Almond and Fish

September 29, 2013

I have such talented friends. After seeing Joy (and Elaine!) in Wedding Palace, Abe and I headed to the first floor of the CGV Cinemas Mall to Daiso Japan. Almost everything is $1.50. I picked up a pair of slippers… …and stopped by the grocery store for a huge cantaloupe. (Couldn’t stay away.) Around 7:45pm […]

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Lindy and Grundy and Liberace

May 30, 2013

Wednesday got wacky… …after acting class with Nick/Christy I ran a last-minute errand for Huffington Post Live. Abe produced a segment about “The Right Way to Eat Meat” starring superstar butchers Lindy and Grundy and needed some “props” from their shop. (I wasn’t sent because he’s a vegetarian – he had a dentist appointment.) Little […]

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All the Sweets in Los Angeles

May 24, 2013

Sweets from Stanford… …followed by Sweets from Sqirl! Ah, Cookies + Art… …for James Gulliver Hancock’s All The Buildings in NY book launch. We walked from Poketo… …over to The Pie Hole… …and shared a Spring Crostada… …Spinach + Mushroom Pot Pie… …and one last sweet! Sour Cherry. I left most of it for Abe […]

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Magazine Trip

May 23, 2013

Had my annual eye exam this morning… …while waiting I was hoping to catch some Crazy Rich Asians coverage – the press thus far has been amazing – Oprah Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Publisher’s Weekly, and what I thought was Travel + Leisure but was actually Conde Nast Traveler. I feel like I actually traveled […]

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Westwood Sprouts

May 1, 2013

Remember when I blogged about Sprouts back in January? They’re opening a brand new location in Westwood today – got a little media preview/tour Tuesday afternoon from Lauren. Love how clearly everything is laid out. You don’t have to ask for help, but if you did, everyone is specially trained! My favorite section – all […]

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