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They Brought Hummus Into This House!

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Once upon a time, long long ago, I had a real issue with binge eating.  And I wouldn’t keep anything in the house I could eat mindlessly.  Potato chips, cookies (duh) but also cereal, trail mix, and even carrots with hummus.

Abe and I were in the middle of a fight once – we had unwanted house guests, and instead of expressing, “I want them to leave” I whined, “They brought hummus into this house!”  He started cracking up, but I was quite upset and would not relent – I went on to list all the reasons why having hummus in the house meant they were terrible, inconsiderate people.

Today, I’m finally able to laugh about it.  My cupboards are stocked with snacks.  And right now, there is a helluvalotta hummus in this house.


Eat Well Embrace Life sent 8 of their flavors to try.  Yes, they make Carrot Hummus.  And yes, I’ve been dipping carrots into it.


Hummus is actually a fridge staple for me these days – I like to use it as a dip, a sauce, a salad dressing, and sandwich condiment.

My latest obsession – pickles and King’s Hawaiian Rolls.


I don’t binge eat this, but I eat it a lot.


Are there any forbidden foods in your house?  Nothing is off limits anymore, but I do find that the fridge/cupboards are much more empty lately, just because we eat out so often and I hate wasting food.

P.S. Today is National Depression Screening Day.


Commissary at the Line Hotel

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I make it no secret that I adore Roy Choi.  Pumped to finally check out his new restaurant, Commissary, on the 2nd floor of The Line Hotel, upstairs from Pot Cafe.


Just like at A Frame, the plates are mismatched.  It reminded me of my own dinner parties, where we serve things out of random containers…


…both thrilled and horrified that this $13 White Fir cocktail came in a plastic deli container.


The Chef’s sense of humor is appreciated.

DSCN5985 DSCN5994

You can’t really make requests; you have to just trust that they know what they’re doing.  Sam doesn’t like cilantro, so our server made a note of that.

It was really fun just calling out random items and seeing what arrived.




“Bok choy!”






For those of you who saw the film Chef, you will appreciate this grilled cheese.


Other mains included a schnitzel and scallops, a side of fries…


…and a pretty traditional Cobb.


Reviews for this place have been mixed – I admit that some of the dishes (like the salad, above and the dessert – Meringue with Rhubarb and Lemon Anglaise – below) were just okay.


But the veggie dishes were truly phenomenal, as were the ambiance and service.  I loved that our waiter, Steve, brought out a packet of Coriander (Cilantro) Seeds for Sam to take home.


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