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Sandwiches Around the World

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you my own Epcot Center of Sandwiches – from England… …to Vietnam… …to Sweden… …and Mexico. Of course, I’m Taiwanese so I had to sneak one of those in too – though I’m not sure it’s “technically” a “sandwich.”  All for my latest BuzzFeed video with Abe!  

Swingers Coffee Shop

Since I’m always trying new restaurants for the blog, I’m not really a regular anywhere anymore (other than ice cream places).   When we first moved to Los Angeles, we ate at Swingers a lot.  I remember it being a fun, casual place with good vegetarian options… …not to be confused with the 101 Coffee Shop, from the MOVIE Swingers (which I’ve actually

They Brought Hummus Into This House!

Once upon a time, long long ago, I had a real issue with binge eating.  And I wouldn’t keep anything in the house I could eat mindlessly.  Potato chips, cookies (duh) but also cereal, trail mix, and even carrots with hummus. Abe and I were in the middle of a fight once – we had unwanted house guests, and instead of expressing,