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La China Poblana

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If you’ve watched the BuzzFeed Sandwiches Around the World video, you know who had my favorite…



La China Poblana specializes in Cemitas – a Mexican sandwich from Puebla…

DSCN6664 …daily fresh bread, meat of your choice (I ordered Milaneza – fried steak), avocado, white and Oaxacan cheese, onion, jalapeño – I hope they’ll make a vegetarian version for Abe because I’m already planning my next pilgrimage to Boyle Heights.

Here’s the unedited clip of my initial reaction – as you can see, I couldn’t shut up.

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What’s New Pussycat

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Got to meet the incredible Awkwafina

Spotted!! My all-time fave actress @mslynnchen w the awkwafina beanie!!

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…over breakfast at Go Get Em Tiger.  No coffee for me, but there were eggs, a biscuit, and a shot of salsa.


We’ll probably be going-and-getting-em less, now that we received some coffee grounds from Groundwork


…and a gorgeous Thermos from Camelbak to put it in.  This little mama is SPILL PROOF and I’m in love.   Almost cried the other day when I left it at The Bungalow.


Went to see Birdman with Sam and John; mind blowing, as were these onion rings from The Oinkster afterwards.  (Their chili was solid as well.)


Been doing a little cooking!  What do you know?  On Halloween night I made a big batch of BBQ Jackfruit and shoved it into Toasted Bavarian Pretzel Rolls with coleslaw.  Glorious.


New headshots!  Taken by the multi-talented Violeta Meyners.  You can see more of the pictures on my imdb page.

IMG_3163_RT copy

Have you heard of the minimalist fashion site un-fancy?  It’s been inspiring me to de-clutter, get rid of things we don’t use, upgrade items.  Simplify.  It feels good to change with the seasons.


Hot Red Bus

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We discovered Hot Red Bus via the BuzzFeed Sandwiches Around the World Video, and I’m so glad we did!

DSCN6619 “LA’s first British Indian Chip Shop” has great fries, as I tasted in the “Chip Butty” seen in the video

…another sandwich I sampled (which didn’t make the final edit) was the “Full English” – as in a Full English Breakfast…


…Sausage, Bacon, Beans, Mushrooms, Onions, Tomato, Cheddar, and a Runny Egg.  Bloody marvelous.



Usually, when I’m in Alhambra I get Chinese Food; next time, I think I’ll stop by for some Fish n Chips.

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