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Real Food Daily Pasadena

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Six years ago, Carrie and I were both inspired to start our blogs on the very same day.  I haven’t seen my blogging twin (in person) since the 2010 FoodBuzz Festival!


We met up at Real Food Daily, a vegan restaurant Abe and I frequented when we first moved to LA (but not in the last six years, apparently, since I can’t find a single post about it).  This is their Pasadena location.


I ordered The Great Cardini – Tuscan Kale, Romaine, Chickpeas, Avocado, Red Quinoa, Roasted Yam Croutons, Spiced Pumpkin Seeds, Macadamia Parmesan, and Creamy Almond Shallot Dressing,

Super good and super filling!  Also sampled a bite of Carrie’s Mexico City Tacos.



Hoping it won’t be several more years before I revisit Carrie (or Real Food Daily) again.

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LA Weekly’s Sips and Sweets

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Well, that was fast – I feel like it was just yesterday that I posted the giveaway for LA Weekly’s Sips and Sweets, and it WAS just yesterday that I went!  Actually ate leftover Lemonade for breakfast, because I had to work first and didn’t want to dive head-first into a sugar coma…


…especially since I had a tummy ache!  Fortunately, Nastassia was my plus one, and she taste-tested everything bite-worthy for me first…




…between photos, of course!


I had a few bites here and there…


…but wound up taking a lot back home – thanks Proof Bakery and Field Trip for making things so portable!

IMG_1961 IMG_1966

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