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Kye’s Montana

Jeanne Cheng’s son, Kye, is the inspiration behind her first restaurant – a place where people of all ages (and dietary restrictions) can come together to eat delicious, gluten-free food that makes you feel great. There’s plenty of meat options (<—check out my friend Mike’s blog post), but I came with one of my favorite vegans,¬†Leslie, and we were treated

Four Cafe

I’ve watched a lot of restaurants go through this space on Fairfax – since Summer of 2013, it’s been Four Cafe.  This is the second location of a popular Eagle Rock spot. My favorite nook when it was Mani’s, then Black Cat Cafe… …Jenny, Leslie and I opted to sit in the very wooden dining area for a late lunch.

The Albright

Want to take a mini vacation? I was invited to Santa Monica Pier to check out the newly renovated/renamed seafood restaurant, The Albright. My Aunt Heidi was my date…she did most of the menu sampling. Beer Battered¬†Fish Tacos, served with jasmine rice and black beans… …a Chopped Salad with Chicken… …Freshly Steamed Lobster with Corn on the Cob and Potato