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Trader Joe’s Pesto and Quinoa

The first time I saw this stuff on TJ’s shelves, my mind would not compute.  Pesto in a jar I understand.  Quinoa in a jar I do not.  Together = HUH?!? Here’s what it looks like – Pesto and Quinoa.  Yup, pretty much. People had great suggestions on what to do with the stuff – on a  rainy night  when  our cupboards

Recipe: Vegan Elvis Sandwich

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Elvis!  I’m not a superfan by any means, but I have been to Graceland (twice!) and I know what the man likes to eat. I also know what MY man likes, and it’s not bacon.  This is Phoney Baloney’s Coconut version, which I picked up at Urban Radish and stuffed in Abe’s Chrismukkah Stocking. Sprinkled on top of

Put a Peanut On It

Dry Roasted Peanuts were my Dad’s favorite snack, and I can see why – everything it touches turns to magic! Sprinkled on PB&J Banana Oatmeal (above) and Egg White Fried Rice (below)… …on top of these Blondies… …and in noodles!  These were the delectable Sapp Coffee Shop Jade Noodles seen in my most recent BuzzFeed Video. Mark my words – peanuts are going