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Vital Juice

drinks - product review

When Christy and I started T.A.D. in 2009, one of the first media outlets to feature us was (the now defunct) Vital Juice Daily.  I’ve been cleaning up the blog pages in anticipation for an upcoming site makeover, and when I clicked on that link to that article, it took me directly to Vital Juice Company – the same stuff sitting in my fridge!


They actually sent me a variety of juices to sample.


I asked specifically for the ones blended with almond milk, since juice isn’t really my thing.  Psychologically, I need to feel like what I’m consuming is going to keep me satisfied, if I’m not going to be chewing it.



Surprisingly, this little bottle kept me full for a good 2-3 hours!  When it’s hot out (as it’s been lately in Los Angeles) I’m not often in the mood to eat (anything other than ice cream, that is) so this was a good snack substitute.


The Honest Kitchen

dogs - product review

You can be honest. This looks like dog food, doesn’t it?


That’s because it is!!!  For the last few months Julius has gotten really picky about his kibble.  My friend Emily suggested slowly switching over to wet…


…the brand she recommended was The Honest Kitchen – which is dehydrated, human-grade pet food.  These packets seem much more manageable than cans.


You add water to the powder, then let it sit for 5 minutes…


…I combined it with some of his kibble…


…and suddenly the bowl was licked clean.



I asked The Honest Company for a few samples before I committed; will definitely buy a box in the future to keep on hand.


P.S. Equally popular are these Steam/Ice Pups – which you can serve hot/cold.




The Fare Trade

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Home! So happy to be reunited with The Sausage King of Chicago, who surprised me with this BuzzFeed video while I was gone.  You may remember that we didn’t have a traditional wedding, so it was really touching to hear Abe say these words.

So much mail to open! Most of it junk, but some – definitely NOT.


I really don’t understand why people don’t enter blog giveaways more (I’ve got one going for a couple more hours) – I win something a few times a year, and it’s usually pretty rad.  This one was hosted by Food GPS, and included a free box from The Fare Trade, a monthly Culinary Club where you receive a box of artisanal foods, curated by a chef.


Among the goodies Jeremiah Bacon selected “just for me” – this Jerusalem Artichoke Relish


…and Blackjack BBQ Sauce.


Plus recipes to use them in!


P.S. For those of you who have Comcast (unlike me) – Why Am I Doing This? – a very old film I did is now on demand for the rest of the month.  It’s under “Movies” —> “Movie Collections” —> “Cinema Asian America.”  Tamlyn and Sheetal are in it too!