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Say Chao!

Abe eats a lot of veggie dogs; his favorite brand is Field Roast.  I recently heard from the Veggie Grill Peeps they make a cheese too… ….made from Potato Starch and Tofu.  Here’s the story from their website: Chao tofu is a fermented soybean curd popular throughout Asia. Essentially it’s the traditional “cheese” of Asia…Chao Cheese is a continuation of


Raw cookie dough is kinda the best.  Food poisoning is not. Edoughble is a local Los Angeles company that makes egg-free cookie dough in fabulous fun flavors.  They sent me their Gimme Five Gift Box to try.  Order it online, eat it straight outa the cup… ….or on top of sundaes, in between cookies, or pretzels. Cookie Dough Pretzel Sandwiches