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Podcast 46 – Anna Gilbert Zupon

As cool as it is to interview famous chefs and actors, some of the most special podcast episodes I’ve recorded have been with my close friends.  Today’s chat is with Anna Gilbert Zupon, who I’ve mentioned a ton in the last 6 years – we often walk together, enjoy food together, and I even hung out with her parents a bunch

Podcast 45 – Roy Choi

I didn’t even record an intro for this podcast.  Because how do you introduce Roy Choi? This is the man behind some of my favorite places to eat (The Commissary, Pot Cafe, Chego, A-Frame).  He revolutionized food not only in LA but around the country (Kogi is probably the only truck I will stand on line for), and is currently

Podcasts and Pastries

I’ve been doing podcast interviews lately, since my next few months are going to be a little crazy with acting work.  There are some really good ones lined up, like Roy Choi… ….YES, THE ROY CHOI.  He came over with sweets from Pot Cafe – a Nutella-Stuffed Bun and Candy Bar… …I was also baked up some goodies from another guest, my favorite