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Podcast 43 – Melanie Maras


You’ve watched me have a lot of fun with this lady

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…and get into a wee bit of hot water…

…but Trouble Jones IS her alter ego, as I learned in this interview.


Find out more about my beloved Melanie Maras in the latest episode of The Actor’s Diet Podcast. FYI don’t listen to it in front of wee ones, unless you’re okay with them hearing about psychedelic drugs.

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Podcast 42 – Sandra Oh

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So…this happened!

Oh yes. Podcast coming soon!

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Turns out Sandra Oh reads my blogs!  Of course I had to get her on the podcast to dish about food and body image.


Find out more about Sandra’s latest project, Window Horses – an animated feature that she is voicing and producing.  They’re currently raising money for an IndieGogo Campaign – check out and contribute – there are some incredible perks, including a dinner date!

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Podcast 41 – Roxana Jullapat

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Okay, bakers, get ready to geek out.  My 41st guest of The Actor’s Diet Podcast is Roxana Jullapat!  We recorded a short episode before lunch service started at Cooks County, talking all about that #ChefLife.


Here’s just some of the treats she’s helped develop (all photos taken from her mouthwatering Instagram account)…

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You can also follow Roxana on Twitter, or via the Cooks County Facebook Page. Listen to the full episode here, or on iTunes/Stitcher.