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Leap of Faith


A lifetime ago – freshman year at Wesleyan – I don’t know what’s going on in this picture; I don’t know if I actually want to remember.

That was one of the first times I was touched by Danielle Woodrow’s music, and we’re all lucky it’s not the last.  She took a year-long travel sabbatical from a very successful career, during which she wrote enough songs to fill an entire album (<—which you can buy).

This song, Leap of Faith, was written while Danielle was in the Amazon.  Abe co-directed the video with another college friend Isabel!

P.S. Danielle’s back at work now – check out the show she is executive producing, Scorpion, on CBS!


FYF Fest 2014

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Remember my roller coaster retirement?  Well, I have to accept it – I’m too old for music festivals, too.


FYF was as crazy/tiring as it was last year – there were a lot of issues with people waiting for hours/getting lost; plus the VIP tickets Abe sprang for were only good at one stage – making the whole thing a big waste of $$$.


Food options were plentiful, but lines were intense.


We wound up getting Mexican afterwards from La Taquiza, which I’m sure was much cheaper/tastier than anything inside FYF.

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Seeing Haim play was great – but I have to admit I had a lot more fun hanging out with Hops the bunny, who also puts on a good show.



So yeah, I’m no longer a kid.  I can’t stand for long periods of time and walk miles to hear bands play or dance in a crowd anymore.  But that’s okay.  I can always say, back in the day…

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What’s New Pussycat

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Hey guys!  I just recorded a podcast with Ki Hong Lee, who’s going to be in the new Maze Runner film.  Subscribe to iTunes/Stitcher to listen before I post here.


I bought this new Marc Jacobs iPhone case because my last one (plastic) broke after 3 weeks.  For about 5 seconds I thought it looked ridiculous, but I quickly got over that.  It’s sturdy, it won’t break, I always find my phone, and the home screen button (the problem with my last iPhone) can’t get dirty.  Because it’s covered by giant, green dog ears!!!  I adore it.


Quinoa/beet/parmesan salad.  I made it for book club at Taryn’s, took home the leftovers, and have been eating it for days.   Recipe over at the new blog Instagram account!


We went to see Tori Amos.  I spent all of 1993-1995 obsessed with this woman – she got me through some really dark days – but it was my first time hearing her live.  (For those of you wondering how to avoid the horrific stacked parking/traffic at The Greek Theatre, UBER UBER UBER.  And walk.)


(I wept uncontrollably.)


Uploaded some old pieces I wrote about that tumultuous time period over at Medium - what a great site!  And speaking of stories, Autumn just featured me in her latest Move Lifestyle post – 6 Summer Reads for Smart Girls.