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Cake and Family

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Happy New Year!!!!  Been spending the last few days with family, which means a ton of take-out meals…


…and cake!


This is my cousin Kristine Kidd’s Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cheesecake.


(The recipe is in her new cookbook.)


21 of us gathered for a New Year’s Eve Celebration at Canal Club

IMG_2526…where both Aunt Heidi and I also celebrated our birthdays.

(Chocolate + a Berry Good Vanilla, both baked at the restaurant.)


Much more family, food, and cake to follow in the next few days. Hope your year is off to a great start!


Window Watchers

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I’m getting ready to leave for the anniversary of my father’s death – in tying up loose ends there’s been little time to sit and have a proper meal, which is why I’ve been grateful for places where you can stand (or lean on a stool) and eat quickly.


Carmela’s been open for a while – this was my first visit and I’ll have to come back in the daytime, when things are less crowded/more photogenic…


…Salted Caramel for me, Fresh Mint with Cacao Nibs for Abe.


My new morning ritual – a day-old/half off bagel from BabyCakes


…that’s the Everything (above) – below is a plain one.


(Get it toasted.)



Lovely to take a moment and watch the world go by a little.  Not sure if I’ll be posting from NJ (I’ll still be blogging, though); follow along on Twitter or Instagram for “real time” recaps.

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What I’m Really Eating

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So. The blog’s Instagram is blowing up with #foodporn.  I hate that word, but that’s what it is – just to look/drool.  It’s 5 years of photos shoved into a feed.  My pants are a bit tight lately, so here’s what I’ve ACTUALLY been eating – melons (duh), lots of Quest Bars (Taryn gave me a box – they’re not bad, actually), Frozen Yogurt (there’s very little in this pic below because I filled up on samples)…


…salads upon salads upon salads.


Goh’s in town; I requested Tender Greens so I could enjoy this Happy Vegan.


Every where you look – grains!


Abe got a sandwich – I’m experimenting with Gluten-Free food right now, so I didn’t have any.


Weight gain in the summer is pretty normal for me I’ve found (probably because I’m never actually in a bathing suit and there are a million food events).  Even though I don’t post a daily food journal anymore, I still want to be transparent about my so-called “diet.”  Happy Wednesday, y’all!