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Me, Myself, and Melon

December 5, 2013

So the last time I blogged about food was on Tuesday, and after three non-stop years, I had my first vacation from photographing what I ate.  I admit it was kinda weird – but also liberating!  I baked, and didn’t stop to document the bowl and spatula being licked, which made me feel a lot […]

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Podcast 12 – Janet Varney

September 4, 2013

Episode 12 of The Actor’s Diet Podcast is a podcast host herself, Janet Varney! I appeared on The JV Club back in March (here’s the amazing Pinterest page of our show)… …and she returned the favor by sitting down for some real talk – all about her Gluten-Free diet, body image, and eating disorders in Hollywood. […]

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Podcast 4 – Helenna Santos-Levy

July 15, 2013
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My guest for The Actor’s Diet Podcast #4 is actress, producer and Ms. in the Biz founder Helenna Santos-Levy. Helenna and I were first introduced when she did a guest post for this blog, and finally met in person at WonderCon this past March.  It was great to get to know more about her through the […]

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June 13, 2013

Remember my shoot with bodyheart? Here are the pics… …I wrote more about the process over at Thick Dumpling Skin.   Share It Hide Sites

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Four More Years

June 10, 2013

Tomorrow The Actor’s Diet celebrates its fourth anniversary. I still can’t believe how much it’s changed, yet stayed the same, throughout the years. No giveaway or gifts this time. I kinda just want to acknowledge the place this blog holds in my life, especially right now. The pictures you see above were taken at Anna […]

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