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Recipe: Baked Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Tomatoes

Abe is slightly obsessed with these Trader Joe’s Kumato Tomatoes.  With the cold weather (yes, even here in LA) eating them raw is less and less appealing… …so I roasted them, to go with some Spaghetti Squash. Another TJ’s favorite product – their Meatless Meatballs.  Always and forever. Add cheese!  I also used Nutritional Yeast on the leftovers for a vegan

Thanksgiving 2014

This was our first year volunteering… …didn’t take any pix while we were in the kitchen, but I did snap a few in the donation room… …really wish I had taken a “before” photo – look at this organization! #SoSatisfying We wound up being done a lot earlier than I had anticipated, so we crashed Mark/Jen’s Thanksgiving just as it was beginning… …every

Speedy Supper: Black Rice Bowl

I’ve been noticing a trend in restaurants lately – Rice Bowls.  Overpriced, uncomplicated rice bowls.  That, for some reason, I always end up ordering. I decided I’m going to make them at home more often.  But because I’m super lazy, I figured out a way to do it much faster than it would’ve taken to go out and get it.