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The Continental

Over the last five years, I have really grown to love eating dinner in the Valley.  Parking is easy, there’s usually more table space, and quite often, the food is excellent.  One of my favorite places to go in Burbank is Mo’s, which recently re-opened as The Continental. Same original owner, but the restaurant has gotten a total facelift and menu

Good Pop

I love a good popsicle.  And these popsicles are so good, literally! I’ve also got a soft spot in my heart for all things Austin – especially University of Texas, Austin.  Good Pop is the brainchild of former student Daniel Goetz, who wanted an all-natural Paleta-Style popsicle.  Today, they’re available in over 15 states across the Southwest, West Coast, Pacific Northwest

Double Tahini Sandwich Cookies

I first met Alana at LA Cake Club – her blog is full of incredible, homemade treats, and I was thrilled when she brought some to our Peanut Butter date to share! These are actually filled with another type of spread – Tahini!  How brilliant is she… …I had two auditions in hot weather, so they smooshed/melted a bit in