Chia Seed Greek Yogurt Pudding

February 4, 2014

There’s many (vegan) ways to make Chia Seed pudding, but I decided to try it with Greek Yogurt, since we have a whole bunch of Stonyfield. Emptied a 5.3 oz container of Strawberry into a Mason Jar, along with another container full of Almond Milk, then added 2 packets of Salba Chia Boost (from the […]

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January 26, 2014

Been spending the last few days driving to/from La Puente. Not exactly around the corner from me. I will tell you there’s a drive-thru donut place there. Literally. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to actually order/eat any – there was hard work to be done! I’m reunited with some Nice Girls Crew peeps on this […]

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Coffee in my Peanut Butter Jar

January 18, 2014

Me and the other Stonyfield bloggers got a little delivery recently – probably the reason you’ve been seeing a lot of “You gotta try this #StonyfieldGreek!” action on twitter/Instagram feeds (mine included). They’ve recently perfected the recipes for their most popular flavors (Blueberry, Strawberry, Superfruit) and have also launched two new flavors – Black Cherry… […]

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Taiwanese Breakfast at A&J Restaurant

January 4, 2014

Look who’s on the West Coast! We met up with my mother this morning in Irvine at A&J Restaurant. It’s been so long since I’ve had a good Taiwanese Breakfast!!! This is how you do it, baby. Order “Shao Bing You Tiao” – aka Chinese Churro with Sesame Seed Wheat Cake… …assemble… (you may remember […]

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Peace on Urth

January 2, 2014

Back in 2013, I stopped by Urth Caffe to record my latest podcast… …have been to the ones in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and WeHo many times, but this was my first trip to the downtown location. Pretty similar, except there’s a window where you can watch them bake! I had a Pumpkin Cranberry Muffin… […]

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