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I’ve Got the Power Crunch

Apologies if that song is now pumping in your ears.  It’s been in mine ever since I opened this package, courtesy of Power Crunch. Along with energy bars, they also make powders.  I added a few tablespoons of their Vanilla Creme to some apple/cinnamon oatmeal (a new Oatmeal Du Jour!) for an additional protein boost… …stir it in AFTER cooking,

Oatmeal du Jour: Cherry Chestnut Date

If I ever had a restaurant, we’d serve a lot of breakfast.  And I’d definitely have an Oatmeal du Jour. This combo worked really well – dates, cherries, and chestnuts (<—I get the already-peeled kind from the Korean Market). Almost all my oatmeal bases have egg whites and bananas in them (the recipe is at the end of my BuzzFeed Breakfast Hacks

Savory Sqirl

I finally got Abe and Julius to try Sqirl!  We can never go on the weekends, when it’s too crazy, so we took advantage of some vacation days. Usually I go for something sweet there, but my podcast with Sandra Oh convinced me I needed to try something savory… …the Brown Rice Pesto with a Poached Egg for me… …plus several